Ways to Make Your Home Holiday Ready

Christmas is coming! How exciting is that? The season to celebrate with your family and loved ones. Canadian homeowners are now planning their dinner parties, whether that is a small get together around the fireplace or a fancy dinner. With all the guests and gatherings that will be happening, your home needs to be ready […]

Window Cleaning Hacks for your Home

Is your wish to always have clean and sparkling windows? I think the answer is obvious. Yes, yes, and YES! Having clean windows will not only boost your mood, but it will give you a better view of your outside space. Plus it will enhance the interiors. Window cleaning is a very satisfying chore but […]

Home Electrical Tips: How to Avoid Unsafe Electrical Repair

More homeowners are starting home improvement projects. That is due to the increased time indoors. However, they try to do them all by themselves, which increases the danger on them and their home. Due to the increasing number of electrical repair projects, we urging homeowners to get informed and educated. No matter how small the […]

Plumbing Services You Need To Know About

Pipes and drains are everywhere around the house. Having clogged or broken drains can stink up the whole house. Nobody wants to live with that for sure! Unfortunately, most people get professional plumbing services only when the problem becomes unbearable. In order to be able to live in your own home, you shouldn’t keep putting […]

The Advanced Guide to Window Repairs

Have you noticed recently that your energy bill is high, but you didn’t make any changes in your home? Is there an area in a room that is colder than another? If any of these signs apply to you, you need to call a professional for window repairs because they are likely damaged. The windows […]

Garage Doors Repair Signs and Maintenance Tips

We take our garage doors for granted even though we open and close them, on average, more than one thousand times a year. We use our garage door every day and don’t really give it that much attention. How many times have you thought “it’s time for me to inspect the garage door?” I’m sure […]

All You Need To Know About Installing a Garage Door

As your house ages, so does your garage. Installing a garage door is not something you do every few years. How often you should change it on the other hand depends on where you live and how well you take care of it. Also, if it’s not functioning properly then a replacement is needed as […]

Why You Need Deep House Cleaning Services!

“Oh yes, let me clean the house!” isn’t the first thought you get when you have free time. Most of us dread the days that we have to clean our homes. While we are cleaning (not willingly of course), we start to wonder what if I find a cleaning services company to come help me […]

Appliance Installation and Maintenance: Tips & Tricks

The joy homeowners feel when they purchase a new house is definitely a sight to see! And when it comes to filling up the house with new shiny appliances the feeling becomes even better. Appliance installation however, is a bit of a hard job.  Appliances are like investments just like your home. They are meant […]

All You Need To Know About Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are an integral piece of any home’s well-being. The purpose of having them is to control the flow of rainwater to protect the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Skipping and neglecting gutter cleaning specifically can turn from a necessity to a nightmare. When a gutter gets clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris it […]

Benefits of Getting Power Washing Services for Your Home

The harsh, cruel winter is something every Canadian is used to. However, recovering from that season takes a lot of love for ourselves and our houses. The exterior of the house is no exception as it suffers through the weather factor all year long. While usually the windows get most of our attention, it’s time […]

Home Maintenance Services to Do Before Summer

Summertime is around the corner and we are excited! The fresh lemonade and sunshine hits differently after the harsh weather. The temperatures are rising and it’s only going to get more difficult to get home maintenance services done outside the house. But as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. […]

Home Renovations to Add Value to Your House

When it comes to home improvements there are two major things to consider; if the improvement will increase the value of your home to you or if it will increase it to others when and if you decide to sell your house. The most valuable home renovations for your home are the ones that boost […]

Different Type of Roofing Materials

To have a roof in good condition is critical to our living conditions. Roofs provide us with safety and stability. But to know which type of roofing material to use can get difficult. If your roof is damaged or you are planning on getting it replaced, you need to know about the different options.  Although […]

Cleaning Up Projects to Do Every Summer

After the harsh, snowy winter in Canada, there are a few warm months for us to enjoy. After staying home for a long period of time, no one can wait to start spending time outside again. Even if cleaning projects aren’t on our minds, they are a must though! Make your house feel cool and […]

Ways to Trim Down On Painting Cost For House

Who doesn’t like to feel like their house is brand new? Without moving into or purchasing a brand new house, this can be achieved by simply painting the walls. But such a task costs money. Maybe more money than you’ve expected. Painting cost for a house depends on what you are planning to do. The […]

A Guide on How to Remove Black Mold in the Bathroom

Having a fresh and clean house is what makes it feel like home. Taking care of your home is an important chore. Some people enjoy cleaning the house, making them feel productive and motivated. But when you are simply doing your routine clean up and encounter a dark, slimy growth, it makes you wonder if […]

Ditch Costly Home Repairs With These Simple Steps

Canadians are eager for the sun to come out. With the snow and ice finally retreating, everyone is excited to be outdoors. But before you fire up your grill and put out your patio furniture, be sure to repair the damages that took place during the winter season. Home repairs in Canada are crucial to […]

Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Home

Now that we have been sitting at home for over a year, we definitely noticed how cluttered and cramped our homes are. All this clutter is impacting you in a negative way without you even noticing. Did you know that having an untidy home affects your mental health? Spring clean. This is the answer to […]

Duct Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

Duct cleaning scams are a thing. Homeowners all over the world get a lot of scamming phone calls from duct cleaning companies that they are not aware of. Canadians are not excluded. They receive a call from a well-known company promising great offers and deals. People may get swayed by the low prices offered or […]

Clever Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit

Let’s be honest, HVAC units aren’t the nicest things to look at. To have them inside the house ruins the whole appearance. But having them outside is also going to ruin your garden’s appearance. Since we are spending more time outside, we need to make everything look good. So if you have your HVAC unit […]

Quick Tips to Increase Your Curb Appeal for Spring

Since the pandemic isn’t over, we are still spending a big chunk of our time at home. This may have led you to notice all the little details going wrong in your space. We usually focus on the interior of our homes and ignore the exterior appearance. Since Spring is here, this is the perfect […]

Why Lawn Care is Important Not to Neglect

Spring has sprung and when is a more perfect time to start your lawn care and maintenance? While it may be tempting to care for the garden beds with all the beautiful blooms, you shouldn’t forget your lawn. What’s a better way to get your home ready for warmer days? While many of us don’t […]

Carpet Flooring: the Truth and the Best Options for Your Basement

When you think about basements, you don’t think about carpet flooring. Basements are usually associated with flooding or being too damp.  Also, whenever you mention it to a homeowner, visions of mold come to mind. But let me surprise you, carpet flooring could work for your home and might even be the best option for […]

Hardwood Flooring and Other Flooring Options for Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most important and to no one’s surprise the most used room in the house. The daily use puts pressure on the floors, making them more susceptible to be damaged. There are many spills and messes to be cleaned. So when choosing your kitchen floor you need to take all […]

How Carpet Tiles Can Improve Your Home Instantly

Some homeowners can’t really visualize the idea of having carpets in their home. Honestly speaking, it is a big commitment. Carpet tiles are not like the traditional carpets we are used to. However, there are advantages to having carpet tiles in your home. Forget about the images you’re having in mind about spills and dirt […]

Transform Your Bathroom Without Any Renovation

Lately, everyone has been spending more time at home. Staying in one place for a long time makes you start noticing things you don’t actually love. So maybe you start thinking you want to remove everything and change different spaces. But currently, your budget doesn’t allow it or you don’t want to invest your time […]

Plumbing; General Knowledge and Maintenance Tips

Plumbing situations can be scary. Depending on how severe the condition is, you could face up to thousands of dollars in damage and repairs. Mishaps happen but most of the time, something could have been done to prevent these plumbing accidents. In other cases, nothing could have been done and it was meant to happen […]

Kitchen vs. Kitchenette: The better Choice for Your House

A lot of people don’t know what a kitchenette is and why it should be in their house. Everyone knows what a kitchen is, and you might think that it is similar to it. You are right! Kitchenette is close to a kitchen as they serve the same purpose; cooking. To know what exactly suites […]

Discover The Secrets of Cleaning; How to Reduce Home Cleaning Time

During this pandemic, sanitizing has become a high priority in every household to ensure the safety of everyone in the house. Cleaning the house is a chore that will take up a lot of time. If you don’t know what you are doing, and making mistakes will only make it harder for you. Read along […]

The Essential Guide to Your Home Office For 2021

Something that will not get easier for anyone is working from home. Most of us are still getting used to this fact and trying to find ways to cope and make it more pleasant and bearable. Remote work is a new a habit. It can only be successful and productive if you have the right […]

Valentine’s Day Projects to Plan With Your Loved One

It’s that (most romantic) time of the year again! Yes, Valentine’s Day is finally here and we hope you got the perfect gift for your loved one. The heat is rising in your household and in your relationship, so why not get your partner something that both of you will keep using for many years […]

Projects to start planning in 2021 for home renovation

What a better way to start your year than with planning projects for your home renovation! Last year was such a stressful year for all of us so changing up your house this year will not only help boost your mood but also give you motivation for a fresh new start!  People are looking to […]

2021 Interior Design Trends This Winter

There’s no doubt that designing your home can be a very exciting experience! In every single detail, there’s a beautiful touch to add to your household and although the process can at times be an overwhelming experience, you must achieve the right balance of form and function!  You should take into consideration the big picture […]

Lower your electricity bill when you’re home all day

Ever since this pandemic started we have been staying at home for longer periods of time, whether it is because of lockdowns imposed on us or because we are afraid to leave the house and get sick. Spending this much more time at home is bound to increase many bills without us even noticing- one […]

Which Wallpaper to Choose?

If you are looking to give your space an instant new look and feel, all you have to do is add wallpaper to an accent wall. Not only does wallpaper add a pop of color to your home, but it is also an expressive form of décor that loudly reflects the homeowner’s personality.  Long gone […]

What makes WeServe the most convenient home maintenance platform in Ontario?

The WeServe app is a platform that connects thousands of homeowners with services providers around them.  We have all been through the hassle of looking for service providers around us and might have been unlucky with the level of unprofessionalism these service providers demonstrated, causing us to be even more frustrated with the process. This […]

New Year, New Bathroom

Looking after a home is similar to looking after one’s health; just like you do regular medical checks, your home requires you to perform regular checks on its plumbing system, exteriors, electric wiring, heating and cooling systems, insulations, appliances and more.  If we are to think about one specific room in your home which needs […]

How WeServe can help you move into your new place

Change is good. Change is needed.  And if you are moving houses, you are definitely in for a major change. Congratulations on that!  Whether you still need to move in the near future or you already took the plunge, moved, and got in the chaotic phase of furniture and boxes everywhere, you will definitely need […]

4 Reasons to hire local help instead of doing the work yourself

We get it. Nothing beats the satisfaction you get once you rely on yourself to assemble a piece of furniture, paint the walls, figure out what’s wrong with the plumbing system, or shovel the snow in the early morning before you get to work! But what we also get is that in today’s world we […]

Before You Request a Cleaning Service

As you browse through different house cleaning service providers, it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to sort out through numerous websites, getting varying quotes, asking for recommendations and reviews, and trying to work out an appointment with a provider. Sounds time consuming, doesn’t it?  WeServe gathers all the information you need to know on […]

The Type of Salt to Use to Remove Ice and Snow

Snow season is here, Canada! Yes, this only means more hot chocolate and cozy nights spent by the fireplace at home. On the other hand, this also means more unplanned chores in the morning involving shoveling the snow off your doorway, driveway and sidewalks! Not as cozy as we’d like, huh? If you have been […]

A Handyman for the Holiday Season

Trees are being put up. Decorative lights are being hung. Santa is dressing up. Kids are getting excited for his visit with their favorite toys and everyone is just feeling the magic of the season. The most wonderful time of the year is here! If Christmas isn’t joyous, then we don’t know what is! It […]

3 Ways to Save on Heating Costs this Winter

For many people winter represents a cozy ambience at home. Relaxing near your fireplace as you watch rain and snow fall from the comfort of your couch, and binge watching some of your favorite series along with your family members. This is a picture that we often paint in our heads, but is this really […]

Flooring 101 for Homeowners

When designing your home or when it is time to have it renovated, we usually stress too much on the design aspects such as paint color, flooring, lighting, furniture, etc. People tend to overlook one very important element of interior design and that is flooring. Little thoughts are usually funneled into choosing what type of […]

Preventative Maintenance Tips for your Plumbing System

As with almost everything else, taking regular and early preventative measures regarding your plumbing system saves you the headache of bigger and more complicated issues in the future. A plumbing system is not just faucets and pipes; everything that utilizes and runs on water is considered part of it. For example, showers, water heaters, washing […]

How to Choose Interior Paint Color

The power of color should never be underestimated when it comes to the choice of interior paint color. Distinctive tones and undertones can turn one room into a lively living space while turning another into a relaxation zone.  Painting your interiors every now and then is like a secret weapon that gives your space a […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Believe it or not, winter is here! You may be mentally ready, but your home may not be. After all, who would rather spend their downtime thinking about how to prepare their house for the coming season? This blog aims to guide you through some maintenance tasks that you might want to do before winter […]

How to Prepare for Your Home Cleaning Service?

Nothing beats having a fresh-looking and smelling home to come to at the end of the day. However, for working individuals with busy lifestyles and bigger families, home cleaning is easier to achieve by hiring a professional home cleaner on a regular basis to keep dirt and clutter at bay.  So, you just requested a […]

5 Steps to Assemble your Furniture Smoothly

For some, furniture assembly is a soothing project that lets them disconnect and funnel their energy into solving what can be thought of as a big-sized puzzle. However, for the vast majority of people, furniture assembly can only be seen as a daunting task that they try to avoid whenever possible.  Don’t have an already […]

Requesting a service from an Appliance Repairman

Household appliances are designed to work robustly for a long period of time. It’s easy to take them for granted but if any failure or defects take place, it can be a completely frustrating experience. Knowing specifically how appliances work, why they stop working, and of course, how to fix them is essential prior to […]

Electrician Services

Your home’s electrical system is one of the most critical utilities you have and can also pose the most significant security threat to your property, yourself or your family. If your home has not been built very recently, it is likely that the electrical system needs some modernization or renovation which needs an expert electrician […]

Roof Repair Services

Roof damage happens in different ways and some damage may be more obvious than others. Strong wind during a storm is a common cause of roof damage which may lead to an entire part of your roof being damaged, resulting in lost shingles or even the roofing material under the shingles getting affected leading to […]

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient, but once they’re done, they are always worth the deal. When it comes to your kitchen, where you spend a lot of your time, you want it to be as functional and enjoyable as possible. Some benefits of hiring professionals for kitchen renovations High quality results Saving […]

Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts are connected to your ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and heating system (furnace); Acting as pathways for heated or cooled air to travel through your home. Generally, duct cleaning services main goal is removing dust and other contaminants that build up in the duct over time. Since ducts are often out of sight over […]

Appliance Repair Services

Home appliances play a significant role in our day to day lives. We take them for granted and only realize how much easier our lives are with certain home appliances once they break down and can no longer be used. Because of our busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to repair home appliances. Instead […]

How to do duct cleaning in a professional way?

Every house has a unique infrastructure, but one thing is common: the heating and cooling system. It keeps your home warm during winters and cool during summers, making it a comfortable place to live in. However, it requires frequent proper maintenance and duct cleaning. By using the WeServe app to hire professional workers, you will […]

5 Easy Steps to Know if Your Old Paint is Still Usable

Do you have some old cans of leftover paint in your home and want to know if it is still usable for further touch-ups? Old indoor paint could stay functional for a couple of years if completely sealed and safely stored away. Painting a house with poor paint can lead to an offensive smell. Poor […]