Flooring 101 for Homeowners

When designing your home or when it is time to have it renovated, we usually stress too much on the design aspects such as paint color, flooring, lighting, furniture, etc. People tend to overlook one very important element of interior design and that is flooring. Little thoughts are usually funneled into choosing what type of floor to go with, though a floor can change the whole look and feel of a space. 

With plenty of flooring options that are out there, the choice may be overwhelming so let us look at an easy option you might want to go with.

Hardwood Flooring 

This option is perfect for classic interiors especially if you are going with neutral colors. If you have solid wood furniture that comes in darker shades, you should consider complementing it with demure shades of the hardwood floor. 

One thing that should be taken into account though is humidity. Humidity levels in your home should be somewhere between 35% and 55% at all times. If it drops lower, it will be problematic as wood will dry out and start splintering. On the other hand, if humidity is too high, moisture will sweep in the wood and floor boards will start to swell and hence warp due to pressure. This might be an issue to consider when cleaning. 

Laminate Flooring

You rave about having hardwood floors installed but not really sure it works with the climate around you? You should consider laminate flooring which is a multilayer synthetic flooring product that looks like wood, or in some cases like stone, but much more affordable and durable. 

It takes longer to wear and tear, it is cheaper to install and maintain, it is scratch-resistant and water-resistant and gives the same look and feel you were hoping to get from the hardwood flooring. What else can you ask for?

Laminate Flooring

Marble Flooring

Looking for something timeless, easy to clean, and long-lasting? Marble Flooring is something to marvel add. Not only does it add a beautiful and classy touch to the space, marble floors are known for their heightened durability as they are completely scratch-free and withstand almost any type of climate. 

With marble flooring, you will noticeably improve the look and function of your home. If this translates into anything, it translates into an increased value of your home. Investing in marble flooring will guarantee satisfaction and a higher selling value, if you plan on selling your home one day!

Vitrified Tiles 

Vitrified Tiles

Very similar to ceramic tiles, but with silica and clay mixed in. These tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, colors and styles ensuring to meet the taste of everyone. They are a viable alternative to using granite of marble. 

They are a bit more costly than ceramic, given the added silica and clay, but they are definitely a much more affordable option than marble that still grants the homeowner a stylish touch they’re looking for.

Vinyl Flooring 

Do you have pets? Are you considering their comfort while choosing your tiles? Your go-to option should be vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is ideal for pets as it provides great traction to ensure your pets’ joints are not affected as they get older. It is also sound absorbent which is a great plus. 

Vinyl is a great option for homeowners that are looking for flooring options that add a warm touch to their space. It replicates the effect of hardwood and stone, but it is definitely much more durable, easier to install, and softer. 

If you have chosen your desired material, now is the time to call in a flooring expert who will put on those beautiful tiles together and bring life to your space. Professional flooring experts can be found on the WeServe App which connects homeowners to nearby service providers in just a matter of a few taps.. Download the app, browse through different flooring expert profiles, choose one or more based on the worker’s rates and reviews, and then send them a request.

You now have yourself a flooring expert that will come in to put together your new floors or maintain your old ones!

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