Since the pandemic isn’t over, we are still spending a big chunk of our time at home. This may have led you to notice all the little details going wrong in your space. We usually focus on the interior of our homes and ignore the exterior appearance. Since Spring is here, this is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your curb appeal. 

Everyone is spending more time outside due to the warmer weather. So why not make your house the talk of your neighborhood? To accomplish this, there are a few simple upgrades that you can do. 

Lawn & Garden Maintenance For Curb Appeal

WeServe Flower Bed With Colorful Flowers To Enhance Curb Appeal

Lawns and gardens are one of the main attractions for your home. Cleaning up your lawn isn’t a hard task to do. You can turn it into a fun family activity that everyone can take part in. Get everyone involved and start tidying up. Rake up the leaves, remove dead flowers or plants, and trim any overgrowth. Divide these tasks and have a fresh looking lawn in no time. 

Remove any damaged stones or bricks around the flower beds. Add some stones to the edges to create a cleaner look. You will thank yourself later for this. It will make mowing easier and you will protect your pretty flowers from the mower. Reap the fruits of your work and enjoy enhanced curb appeal.

Have a Pop of Color To Enhance Curb Appeal

WeServe Bright Blue Colored Foor

If you are feeling adventurous and ready to spruce up your house, this tip is for you. Make your entrance pop! Do this with painting your door a bright color, with flowers, or even with colorful furniture. A bright colored door is a great way to give your house a fresh look. It might sound like a crazy idea, but don’t dismiss it before trying it out! You can always go back to your neutral color later. 

On the other hand, you may like your door the way it is. So what else can you do? Go for colorful flowers. These will not only increase your curb appeal, but now you can have a place to take nice pictures in front of. If you already have pots or planters, then you might want to consider painting them a new color. Think about all the rough climate they’ve been through from winter, they deserve a fresh new coat!

And since you are doing all this, why not go one more step? Change up your hardware as well. Consider a modern look with black painted fixtures. Or any style you might like. This will work on enhancing the overall curb appeal.

Create a Distraction

WeServe Backyard Colorful Flowers

A lot of homes have unattractive things outside, whether that is an AC unit or an electrical box. Removing them is not an option of course! What you can do in this case is create a distraction. You can plant new bushes and flowers to hide the things ruining your curb appearance. Only you will still know that they are there but the beautiful and colorful layers of flowers will make them unnoticeable for everyone else. Anyone passing by will concentrate on the breathtaking scenery. And they will praise your gardening abilities. 

Always make sure you leave enough space for you to reach the things you are trying to hide. You don’t want to dig up the bush to reach the AC unit. Get some help if needed. 

Personalize Your House

WeServe Front House Patio With White Swing

We are still not allowed to visit each other. But you have neighbors and people walking around getting some exercise. So let them get to know you from the front of your house. Add a little personality to enhance the curb appearance. Doing this is easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort. You can change up the way you display your house number, add some art, or even add some fun or funky accessories. 

When you personalize your house, you give life to your house. It won’t be the same generic house you see on every street. Express yourself and add little personal touches and see how much happier you will be.

Brush Up Your Garage Door

WeServe House With Front Garage Doors

If you have a garage facing the front of your house, this one’s for you. Don’t ignore your garage door and give it a little makeover. There are tons of ideas for what you can do. But let’s keep it simple and just give it a wash. Or even paint it or stain it and make it feel new again. 

Like you did with the front door, change up the hardware here as well. Taking the time to work on your garage door will create a unified aesthetic to your house. Who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing house? No one I can think of!  Always pay attention to details to increase your curb appearance. 

Wash, Wash, Wash!

WeServe Fresh Lawn Care To Enhance Curb Appeal

This is a bonus tip for you but an obvious one as well. Wash everything, literally everything. Do a thorough cleaning to your driveway, your deck, and light fixtures. Basically everything that you can see. You won’t believe how much dirt accumulated during winter time. Cleaning as much as possible will definitely increase the appearance of your curb. 

If you have a power washer, this is the time to bring it out. You can also contact a professional to power wash your entire exterior.

With a little time and strategic planning, you can have the house you have been dreaming of. Enjoy your spring time with your freshened up home.

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