Nothing beats having a fresh-looking and smelling home to come to at the end of the day. However, for working individuals with busy lifestyles and bigger families, home cleaning is easier to achieve by hiring a professional home cleaner on a regular basis to keep dirt and clutter at bay. 

So, you just requested a home cleaner through the WeServe App. Now what? How can you ensure a time-efficient and cost-effective service? 

This might sound counteractive, but before you relax and let your cleaner do what they do best, you have to get some cleaning and organizing done before their arrival, particularly to make the most of their appointment time. Also, as a homeowner you should be clear about what to expect from your home cleaner. 

Below are some standard tasks you should expect to be performed during the home cleaning session: 

Home Cleaning and sink cleaning
  • Countertops Cleaning
  • Bathroom Scrubbing
  • Carpet Vacuuming
  • Floor Sweeping
  • Mopping 
  • Appliance Surface Cleaning 
  • Furniture and Home Accessories Dusting
  • Dishwasher Loading and Unloading

However, if you expect the cleaner to perform any of the below tasks, you should be clear about it beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

  • Laundry
  • Bedsheet Changing
  • Window Wiping
  • Refrigerator Cleaning
  • Pet Care

Many cleaners are willing to perform deep cleaning tasks but this usually comes at an extra cost. That is why setting expectations and discussing it before the appointment is usually beneficial. 

As mentioned, once you hire a home cleaner, there are certain things that are expected from you as a homeowner:


Surely, you are not expected to have your home cleaned before the arrival of your home cleaner. Afterall, that is what you hired a home cleaner for in the first place. However, a little organization will ensure that their job is done at ease without obstruction, maximizing their time and getting the most of their service. 

We are all guilty of leaving dirty clothes laying on the floor, glasses in the living room, unread mail on the table, and kids toys all over the house. Even though the cleaner will probably have no issue in helping you declutter, picking up those household items doesn’t only save them time to focus on bigger tasks, but will also allow you to better know where each item is being put away and placed. 


Once your cleaner arrives, be clear about what you would like them to start with. Which tasks are of high importance, which rooms you would like them to start with, and what tasks are to be left until the very end if they had extra time to spare.

Communicating your priorities will ensure the cleaner is clearly guided through the task, allowing them to perform the jobs you find most daunting. 

Also, and before your home cleaner starts cleaning, it’s a good idea to walk them through the house, and explain where everything is supposed to go. You simply can’t expect a stranger to know where you place your items. This will also make them feel comfortable and more at ease during their appointment. 

Prepare Home Cleaning Products

Home cleaning detergents

Many home cleaners bring in their own 

products. However, you might have allergies against certain chemicals which you need to be clear about, or you might simply prefer certain products over others. Discuss this with your home cleaner before your appointment, and make sure you have all cleaning supplies in place so that the cleaner can get started as soon as they arrive. 

Provide Feedback

Once you feel comfortable with the home cleaner you requested and with the level of satisfaction regarding the work they performed, it is recommended that you stick to their services. This will make future and recurring hiring easier and smoother. 

In this case, providing constructive feedback will allow your cleaner to better understand what is that you liked about the services they provided, and which parts of the process they could improve on. This will in turn be useful for the subsequent cleaning sessions. 

Doing some minor preparations before the arrival of your home cleaner makes the whole process easier. But what truly makes a difference is being able to request a nearby cleaner in just a few taps on WeServe. The WeServe App connects you with the right professionals who will perform your desired tasks with the highest levels of competency and expertise. Try the app for yourself today and enjoy the convenience it has to offer you. 

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