Home Maintenance Services to Do Before Summer

WeServe the front of a brick house with two white garage doors and a wide driveway

Summertime is around the corner and we are excited! The fresh lemonade and sunshine hits differently after the harsh weather. The temperatures are rising and it’s only going to get more difficult to get home maintenance services done outside the house. But as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So there is no time like the present to start maintenance before summer. 

Even if the words home maintenance don’t light a fire in your belly, the love of your property should. Make your house the star of every family BBQ with this simple summer home maintenance services checklist.

Deep Clean the Carpets

Rug getting vacuumed to remove dust and dirt for a deep clean

People who suffer from allergies suffer the most during the summer. Allergens get easily trapped in your rugs, carpets, and upholstery making them the prime suspects for the sneezing. Foot traffic affects how much you need to clean your carpet. The average is to get the carpets deeply cleaned every six to twelve months. 

Frequent vacuuming will help to maintain the freshness of your house for a longer time. However, for optimum results the recommendation is to hire a cleaning specialist once a year.

Home Maintenance Services; BBQ Cleaning

man cleaning the bbq with a brush with an open lid | WeServe

The first home maintenance service you have to do before firing up the grill and inviting people over is to clean it up. For food safety and to ensure nothing happens to your guests, a deep clean is needed. If your grill has any mechanical issues call a professional to take a look at it. Aside from that, you can make it brand new by yourself. 

For charcoal grills, make sure that it is empty and wipe away any dust or residue. Get a scrub brush, some hot water, and dish soap and start cleaning the inside and outside of the grill. Be sure to let it dry before using it.

For gas grills, close the lid and turn the heat on high and leave it for about half an hour. Let the grill cool and give it a good scrub with a grill brush. Wipe clean the outside with a cleaner and sponge. Lastly, clean out all the drip trays.

Home Maintenance Service; Deck Check

WeServe home deck with wooden and metal chairs and tables with trees and mountain view

When you think of summer it’s all about the gatherings in the fresh air. Before starting all the fun, the deck must be inspected. This will make you see if there are any boards that are rotting so you can get them replaced. Another thing to look at is the seal. If you notice bubbling and cracks, it’s time to reseal your porch. 

After making sure everything is good to go, the only thing left to do is to power wash it all. Wash your deck and porch for a fresh new look to have the perfect space for summer. Hiring a professional will make this home maintenance service a task that you don’t have to put much thought into.

Clean the Windows and Blinds

WeServe as one of home maintenance projects to do is cleaning the window with pink gloves, a sponge, and a disinfectant.

Spring’s rain is almost in the rearview, giving you one less thing to worry about. This calls for a thorough window cleaning. Get a better view and let the sunshine into your house for a fresh-feeling house. Blinds are also important to clean them as they can harbor spores and allergens. 

For this home maintenance service, calling a professional will save you a lot of time and dangerous, hard work. The cost depends on how many windows you want to get cleaned.

Perform a Home Security Audit

WeServe ipad wih 4 screens of security camera around the house with man touching the square in the bottom right

Don’t give the burglars any chance to get into your home and keep your family safe. As this is not the most fun topic to talk about, it is essential to shed some light on it. Get an expert to come and install an alarm system for your house. If you already have one, make sure it is working perfectly for your home to be fully protected. 

Deep Clean your Fridge

WeServe deep cleaning an empty fridge with cloth and detergent as part of home maintenance services

Do you have unidentified leftovers in tupperware in the back of your fridge that you just can’t seem to clean? Well this is your sign to start tackling the whole fridge. Keep it running smoothly by giving it a little TLC. 

Use a coil brush to clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils. These coils accumulate a lot of dirt, pet hair, and food remnants. Dirty coils lead to the fridge to work harder to cool which will result in expensive repairs. Then use a mild cleanser to clean the entire interior to remove anything that might be stuck to it. Find a specialist to do any necessary repairs.

Pool Home Maintenance Service

WeServe home maintenance service for the pool surrounded by tanning beds in the backyars

The pool is one of the most used spots during summertime. Therefore, before sending out any pool party invitations for (well… yourself because the pandemic is not over) the swimming pool should be checked out. It must be inspected for leaks and that the heaters and pumps are operating normally. 

Let the love for your house fuel your motivation to complete these home maintenance services. While the tasks may seem dreary and exhausting, it’s important to keep your house looking its best. Call an expert for the different jobs before it gets too hot to handle. Grab yourself an iced tea and enjoy your summer!

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Home Renovations to Add Value to Your House

WeServe modern house in the dark with the lights on against a blue background

When it comes to home improvements there are two major things to consider; if the improvement will increase the value of your home to you or if it will increase it to others when and if you decide to sell your house. The most valuable home renovations for your home are the ones that boost your home’s worth in relation to the amount you spent on it.

Strategic decisions are important to make during the renovations. Doing these projects serves two purposes; a joyous and happy feeling in your home while making an investment for the future. So now you might start asking yourself which home improvements add the most value? Read on to learn more about the best projects with the highest ROI (Return On Investment) to undertake to raise your home’s rate. 

Kitchen Renovations

WeServe white modern kitchen with wood bas stools as an example of home renovation

The kitchen is the heart of any home. More than any room, it has a magnetic pull. Having a vibrant kitchen makes people want to gather around and socialize there. As a result, this room is what attracts prospective home buyers. To make the right decision is important here as it can make or break any possible deals. 

Minor renovations are the way to go when it comes to the kitchen. Stylish improvements can lead to a 60-120% return on investment. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the kitchen to get a big return. A minor remodel will recoup about 81% of its cost, while a major upscale remodel will only recoup 53.5% of its cost. The key is to not overdo it. Make the kitchen naturally flow with the rest of the house. 

The most valuable home renovations in Canada include modernizing the cabinets, countertops, installing new appliances, painting the walls, and putting in new flooring. These projects don’t have to be done at the same time. Incremental, well-timed kitchen improvements will go a long way.

Home Renovations: Bathroom Remodel

WeServe modern tile in bathroom

Bathrooms are more than just an essential space; they present a major opportunity to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Just like the kitchen, bathroom remodeling shouldn’t be a large-scale process. If the renovation is done correctly, the average ROI for minor bathroom upgrades is 102%. Paying attention to small details and to the current design trends is essential during this process.

To boost your home’s value is more about prioritizing practical, cost-effective jobs that refreshes and upgrades the house. Re-caulking and re-tiling surfaces are one of the things that you can do. As well as installing new fixtures and lighting, painting, fixing the plumbing, and installing new flooring. 

Windows & Doors

WeServe living room with fireplace and big windows

Having a single-pane outdated, leaky window won’t add any value to your home. As a matter of fact it may downgrade the whole home. Installing modern, energy-efficient windows and doors will kill two birds in one stone. They will improve the home’s efficiency while making it more aesthetically pleasing. As is the case with large-scale renovations, this project is expensive. That said, you must keep in mind the potential ROI instead of only fixating on the cost. New windows yield a very significant return. Homeowners can recoup between 70 and 80% on the initial investment.

To have reliable windows and doors, you must look into ones that are certified. This way you are sure they are meeting certain standards for the design and performance. 


WeServe Front of house with stone stairs surrounded by plants

Curb appeal is the main attraction of the house. A beautiful landscape will not only make you the talk of the neighborhood but it will also increase the value of your house. A well maintained front yard and garden that is aesthetically pleasing makes all the difference. The estimates vary significantly for the landscaping’s ROI. However, a few things have a timeless appeal that have proven to matter during the selling process. Flowers, shrubs, walkways, and flagstones are examples of what you should have in your garden. 

Here is another reminder to not overdo it. An excessively manicured yard makes people think maintaining such an over-the-top garden is hard and exhausting. And this is the opposite of what you want when investing in a home renovation. So instead of going overboard, plant some flowers and create a beautiful space for people to sit in. A professional can help you out with creating the ideal landscape for your home. 

A Refreshed Deck for Home Renovations

WeServe home renovation of the outer deck with wooden surface and stairs with lights installed

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, having a beautiful backyard deck to relax and socialize on is an appealing thing. And to no one’s surprise, refurbishing or even installing a deck has a very high return on investment. 

Homeowners can expect an ROI of approximately 75%. The prices for deck installation fluctuate but it is still an investment worth making. And for those who already have a deck, a few improvements go a long way. Refresh an old worn out space with power washing, staining, and sealing. 

With a better understanding of the ROI on each home renovations in Canada, now you can make the right decision for your home. Find a professional you see fit for you and let’s get to work!

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Ditch Costly Home Repairs With These Simple Steps

House in Toronto Canada

Canadians are eager for the sun to come out. With the snow and ice finally retreating, everyone is excited to be outdoors. But before you fire up your grill and put out your patio furniture, be sure to repair the damages that took place during the winter season. Home repairs in Canada are crucial to making most of the summer season.

Since the harsh winter and snow causes some issues around the house, a few preventative measures must be taken before the issues get bigger than they have to. This will help you to avoid a costly project down the road. 

So here a few steps to follow: 

Start From the Top

Roof of a house in Toronto, Canada

The roof over your head is the first thing that protects you against the weather. So naturally, it is the one that takes the most hits from winter storms. Any small damage to the roof will start out as a leak. But eventually, if left untreated, it will turn into a more serious structural damage. When regular checks are done, this problem can be easily avoided. Who wants to deal with expensive home repairs anyway?

Different roof materials need different types of care. Shingles, for example, need to be checked more often. They are especially susceptible to winter storms. If there is any damaged or missing shingle from your roof, it can cause very serious water damage to your home. 

While you’re still up on your ladder checking your roof, make some time to clean up the debris that might be stuck in the eavestroughs. Backed up gutter can make the water seep under the shingles causing damage to the roof. 

Home Repairs Around the House

Patio of the house in Toronto, Canada

After finishing up the top of the house, the bottom needs a little inspecting as well. Walk around the building to check if there’s any chapped or peeling paint. Another thing to check out is the caulking. Carefully look around the windows and doors for the caulking as the cold weather might cause it to crack and fall off. 

Be sure to repair any gaps in the caulking for many reasons. One of them is to preserve energy. Another is that you will also prevent moisture from attacking the window sills and frames. 


Don’t forget about the foundation. Visually inspect it for any signs of damage. Due to the damp climate in Canada, basements are especially vulnerable to leaks. When checking for damage, you prevent water from leaking into the basement. 

With the repeated freezing and thawing cycles that happen in Canada, they put tremendous pressure on the home’s foundation. 

Look out for any deep holes in the ground around your home’s foundation. They collect water and can cause you damages that you don’t want.

Let me explain what will happen if you don’t take action regarding these holes. When water is collected near the foundation, it can seep through the tiniest crack. Over time, the crack will get bigger. And now you have no other option than to dig down into the foundation to repair the damage. It’s very expensive. So go for that walk around the house and be on the lookout. 

Driveway Home Repairs in Canada

Home with paved driveway

Paved driveways are a beautiful feature to include in your home. But the harsh winter is very cruel to it. With the cracks in the asphalt, water seeps into it and freezes during the cold weather. Now you have ice. This ice will cause even bigger cracks to develop. 

Driving on these cracks or even just parking will weaken the asphalt. This will make it break away.

You can protect your driveway with a sealer. You should apply it before the winter starts. 

Wood Everywhere

WeServe Wood fence home repairs

If you are a lover of wood and you have a wooden fence or deck then this one’s for you! They are pretty to look at, but they are very vulnerable to weather. Yes, they are resistant to weather damage. However, without regular maintenance they will deteriorate with time. 

To protect them from the harsh weather, reapply stain or sealant as required. Also, remove any section of wood showing signs of rot.

Trim Your Trees

WeServe Lawn tree in front yard of a house

The beautiful trees that add beauty and character to your yard can be very damaging to your house. If you don’t get them trimmed, a branch might fall onto your house during a storm. Hiring someone or just doing the trimming on your own once a year will save you a lot of money.

Home repairs in Canada can get expensive. So you always need to keep your eye out on anything suspicious happening inside or outside of your home. As a homeowner, it’s not an easy job to do regularly. But to steer clear of paying thousands of dollars for repairs that could have been prevented, make it a habit and be sure to do it on the regular.

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Clever Ways to Hide Your HVAC Unit

WeServe HVAC Unit in The Garden

Let’s be honest, HVAC units aren’t the nicest things to look at. To have them inside the house ruins the whole appearance. But having them outside is also going to ruin your garden’s appearance. Since we are spending more time outside, we need to make everything look good. So if you have your HVAC unit just sitting outside, this one’s for you. 

Be your own magician and trick the eye with these ways. Follow these tips to make your garden neat. Don’t forget to get the help of a professional to assist you with this project or anything else you may need.

HVAC Unit Disguise: Plants

WeServe HVAC Unit Disguised With Plants

Not everyone has an eye for landscaping. You may have grown plants in your backyard but they are not doing the job. They are not hiding the hideous HVAC unit. In Canada, there are a lot of beautiful plants that grow all year-round. All you have to do is plan out which types of bushes you want to have. Have a vision and start. Create a beautiful greenery to distract the eye.

Knowing which type of plant to put could be a bit challenging. Always consult a professional before making a decision. Some plants have invasive roots. These roots can actually damage your HVAC unit. You also need to look for plants that are the height of your unit. There is always an option to trim them. Tall shrubs are another option. 

The design and where the plants are placed also make a difference. Getting a professional will make this process so much easier. They already know which plants work and know how to place them without damaging the HVAC unit. 


WeServe Fence Around AC Unit

Another way to go is to cover it with a fence. It can be made out of any material you like. You can go with the classic wood fence. The good thing about fences is that you can customize them. They will definitely hide your HVAC unit and installing them isn’t hard. Also, using the same material as your fence is a great option.  If you were already planning on getting a new fence this year then request a professional to do this small project for a complete look. 

Don’t forget to leave space for ventilation. The landscaping professional can create a design for you that allows air flow. If you don’t do this then your unit might overheat and malfunction. This is not part of the plan. We want to disguise it, not break it! 

Flower Planter Box

Trellis, Garden Trellises, Obelisks & Lattices | Wayfair.co.uk

If you are ready to level up your unit camouflage, go grab yourself a flower box. You can customize this with a mix and match of your favourite flowers. You can never go wrong with flowers. This will not only liven up your space, but it will also hide the HVAC unit. 

HVAC Unit Disguise: Aluminum Slats

WeServe Aluminum Slats To Hide AC

Maybe aluminum slats aren’t your first option, but you need to give them a thought. They are a heavy duty solution. They can stand against any type of storm or any other harsh weather condition. In modern houses, home builders are using wooden fences with aluminum gates. It works well with the modern aesthetic. And it’s a long term solution for your HVAC unit.

Vinyl Fence

WeServe Vinyl Fence To Hide HVAC Unit

Vinyl is an affordable way to cover it in a pretty way. It is durable and available in many different patterns and colors. What’s a better way to have a beautiful looking vinyl than to cover up your unit. Don’t forget to add a gate for maintenance!

HVAC Unit Disguise: Lawn Ornaments

WeServe Pink Falmingo To Hide Any AC Unit In the Garden

For more eclectic people, lawn ornaments may be the best option. You can add pink flamingos, wind spinners, or anything else you like. It brings a little more character to your exterior. 

Vine Lattice 

WeServe Vine Lattice To Disguise A Unit

Who would’ve ever thought that vines can cover up your HVAC unit. All you have to do is to create a wooden lattice. Then plant the vines and enjoy your beautiful greenery. Keep in mind that vines take a few months to grow. Also, there is a variety of vines that are evergreen. Choosing one of them will keep the enclosure all year round.


Another unusual way to hide your HVAC unit is with shutters. Keep those old shutters and give them a fresh coat of paint. It’s an easy DIY, and you would be recycling your furniture without throwing anything away. You can also go shopping for a new one. As long as it’s covering the unit, it all works out!

Now that you have many different options to choose from, the only thing left to do is to start. Get a fencing professional, a landscaper, or even a handyman to help you out. No matter who you choose to contact, they will guide through everything, making it simpler for you. Don’t forget to get creative and feel free to experiment with different things. The important thing is to disguise that HVAC unit and create an eye-pleasing yard.

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Carpet Flooring: the Truth and the Best Options for Your Basement

WeServe Basement with Carpet Flooring

When you think about basements, you don’t think about carpet flooring. Basements are usually associated with flooding or being too damp.  Also, whenever you mention it to a homeowner, visions of mold come to mind. But let me surprise you, carpet flooring could work for your home and might even be the best option for you.

On the other hand, carpet flooring might work for your neighbor’s home but not yours. It all depends on your house. And don’t think you can install just any type of carpet in your house. There are many types of carpet flooring you should know about before making your decision. Be smart about how you choose and hopefully this article will guide you into the right direction. So here is the truth about carpet flooring and the best choices for your basement.

The Truth

WeServe Brown Basement with Carpet Flooring

Carpets are a great option for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. They warm up the space and they have a variety of designs and colors that suit everybody. Also, they help dampen the sounds, making it great for the upper levels. 

Everyone’s biggest concern when having carpets in their basement is the mold. This would be an issue if you have a flood or some sort of leak. In fact, carpet flooring is no worse than any other popular flooring option. In case of a flood, your carpet can be easily dried out to avoid any mold issue. And if you act fast, all the problems will be averted and it wouldn’t be a health hazard for your home. 

Benefits of Carpet Floorings

Before anything else, everyone knows that carpet flooring adds warmth and comfort to your home. Another benefit you might not know of, you can install it over an uneven concrete floor. This is an added bonus as you won’t have to worry about fixing the floors before installing. Making it a win-win situation and saving you some money. And you won’t ever have to worry about having uneven floors.

The Best Carpet Flooring for Basements in Canada

WeServe Grey Carpet Floor

Carpets made from synthetic fibers. Hear me out, if you want to have carpet flooring in your basement this is the way to go! Why, you ask? Synthetic fibers do not retain moisture like the way natural fibers do. This way your carpet can withstand whatever circumstances come it’s way. The less moisture, the better when it comes to carpet flooring. A synthetic carpet can handle the increased moisture and will in fact release the extra moisture. This means no more mold or mildew growth issues under your carpet.

Another thing you need to know is if the backing and padding material is also synthetic. This is just as important as having synthetic fibers on top of your carpet. Make sure to ask your carpet specialist before installing it. You also need to ensure that the underpad is also synthetic for the same reasons stated above. A polyurethane foam pad is your go-to option. And be sure to stay away from any rubber pad.

Is Carpet Flooring the Option for Your Basement?

WeServe kid and mother playing on the carpet floor

To be able to answer this question, there are different aspects you have to think about. First, how do you want to use the space? Are you going to use it only for storage or are you going to actually use it? Do you have any pets or children? And the most important question is your basement prone to flooding or moisture? These are necessary questions you need to ask yourself before making your choice.

If you are looking to make your basement a movie room for your family to enjoy, then carpet is the way to go. But if it’s primarily going to be used as a storage room, then you shouldn’t invest in carpet flooring. And if you are still confused about what you should do, then contact a flooring professional before making any decisions. They will give you the best option for your house while taking into consideration your lifestyle. 

Also, if your basement isn’t waterproofed and is prone to flooding, then nothing will work for you. No matter what flooring you have in this case, it will get ruined. The best option you have is to add an outdoor rug. It will give you the warmth you are seeking for and it can be easily thrown away if anything happens to it.

Carpet Flooring Conclusion

Carpet flooring is a great option for a lot of homes. But if you still can’t decide if this is the right choice for your home and this article might have helped you to consider this type of flooring but you are still afraid to make the wrong decision, then request a flooring specialist before finalizing any plans.

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Valentine’s Day Projects to Plan With Your Loved One

It’s that (most romantic) time of the year again! Yes, Valentine’s Day is finally here and we hope you got the perfect gift for your loved one. The heat is rising in your household and in your relationship, so why not get your partner something that both of you will keep using for many years to come? A thoughtful home improvement gift could be the thing you are looking for. Not only can a home improvement gift be beneficial to both of you but will also build a forever bond between you within your home. 

We’ve assembled a few projects you can either have as a surprise or work together on with your loved one. Enchant your Valentine with a new home design.

A New Fireplace

Image result for fireplace living room

February is such a cold and gloomy month that needs a little brightening up. Warm up your heart and house with a renovated fireplace or have one installed for the first time, giving you an excuse to put on some comfy clothes and cook good food with a glass of wine. You may think this project will be costly but on the contrary, it’s a luxury that everyone can afford. Choosing an electric fireplace will bring down the cost of installing. It’s relatively an easy and affordable task to do with the help of an electrician. 

If you already have one in your place, take the time to make an effort and actually use it with your partner. In case you are concerned it might not be working properly and want to set fire to your partner’s heart not your home, hiring an expert is your go to choice! Make this one of the most romantic evenings you’ve ever experienced for Valentine’s Day.

Bathroom Improvements

Image result for luxurious bathroom

If the fireplace project did not ignite a spark in your heart, we have another option for you to undertake. Imagine yourself drawing your partner a warm bath, with candles and red roses all around. Installing a new bathtub or a steam shower would be just the thing to give your bathroom the update it needs. If you want to take a pass at that, refreshing your bathroom with a new vanity or even tiles will give it a new appearance and charm. 

A simple retouch will give your bathroom a whole new feel. You can repaint your cabinets or easily get your tiles replaced or deep cleaned. Adding storage is important to reduce clutter and re-organize the whole space for a mini renovation. Your partner will appreciate this not only on Valentine’s Day but whenever they get ready every morning.

Kitchen Renovation

Image result for kitchen with an island

They say couples who cook together stay together. Who wouldn’t want to stay with their loved one forever? Cooking is an activity that connects the partners on an intimate level and strengthens their relationship. But to do this you will need a functional space so you won’t keep bumping into your other half, leading to an argument instead of a romantic act for Valentine’s Day.

Seeking professional help will give you the kitchen of your dreams and a suitable place for you to cook with your loved one. If you don’t want to do a full renovation, maybe it’s not in your budget or just because you are satisfied with the layout of your kitchen, little changes will have a huge impact. Painting the cabinets, adding a new backsplash, or changing up the floor will inspire you to get in the kitchen and start cooking together. 

Bedroom Oasis

Image result for bedroom

Having a private place for the two of you to just unwind and catch up after a long day can take your relationship to the next level.  Design your bedroom and make it feel like a private oasis just for the both of you. Most people keep their room unorganized and just accumulate clutter in the corners. Working on that will give you the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Treat yourself and your partner with a fresh looking room this year.

You might want to consider a fresh coat of paint or changing the drapes to make your room feel different and new. Or you can find an electrician that could help you install dimmers into your lights to give a more relaxed atmosphere. Give life to your bedroom with a few simple changes for a captivating night, every night.

Organize your Home

Image result for organized pantry

Home organization indirectly affects a lot of couples. Wondering how? Arguing over finding things and not knowing where they are can negatively affect relationships. A professional organizer will help you in reducing these problems or you can do this task with your partner. Organizing may not be the most romantic thing in the world to be doing with your partner but doing such tedious tasks together will definitely create an exceptional bond.

Valentine’s Day is here so whatever you decide to do, take into consideration which room needs a little more love and maintenance and request the help of a professional on WeServe. Find and request the right expert to help you out on any home project and you are good to go!

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Projects to start planning in 2021 for home renovation

What a better way to start your year than with planning projects for your home renovation! Last year was such a stressful year for all of us so changing up your house this year will not only help boost your mood but also give you motivation for a fresh new start! 

People are looking to either have more space in their house or use the space they already have differently. Here are some renovation ideas you can start this year.

Fences Home Renovation Planning

Types of Fences - home renovation weserve tips

Different fences require different ways to maintain them. After a harsh winter of rain and snow, most of the fences need a little bit of TLC (tender loving care). For example, if you currently have a wood fence, it might be a good idea to start inspecting it for damages. Having a professional take a look at your fence will help you maintain and repair any deterioration that might have happened during this season. On the other hand, if you are looking to install a fence, either because you want an upgrade or because you don’t already have one, this is the perfect timing to start planning this big project. Don’t forget to get help from an expert to achieve your dream fence.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pool - home renovation swimming pools ideas

One of the reasons you might be looking to install or upgrade your fence is because of your desire to build a swimming pool. During this pandemic, people want to enjoy being at home more especially with not knowing when COVID-19 is going to come to an end. For this reason, you might want to start planning on getting a pool in your own backyard. Who wants to go on a vacation with everything that is happening in this world, when you can upgrade your house for a nice staycation? There is a lot to consider when building a pool. Do you want it on the ground or above ground? What type of flooring should you put around it?  How much is it going to cost you? When do you need to start building? What type of water would you need to put in the pool? What is the best company to help with this project?  Obviously building the right pool for you takes a lot of research and guidance. Looking and hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and money.  There is no better time to start planning your vacation home than the present! You’ll be glad you have started your pool project early when the heat arrives.

Decks for Home Renovation

Wooden deck designs | Deck designs backyard, Patio deck designs, Backyard  patio designs

Staying within the topic of renovating the outside portion of your house, it’s time to talk about decks and porches. After being locked up all winter, especially with this pandemic, staying outside in the fresh air surrounded by nature is a must this summer! Whether you are looking to elevate your deck or start building one from scratch, it is going to notably take a good amount of your time. You need to explore your options to exactly know what you want to do with your outdoor space. Doing an in-depth research about decks or porches and knowing the difference between them, will assist you to know what to look for in the specialist you are going to hire. Secure the company you want before they get booked, as we predict this is going to be a popular project!


Home improvements doesn’t always mean glamorous upgrades and installing new things. To keep your house going you have to keep an eye on the things you already own. After staying home for this long, you might have noticed your appliances haven’t been running as smoothly as usual. This is normal due to the increased usage of the machines.  To prevent your appliances from breaking down and costing you more money to repair, hire an inspector to check out the main things you use on a daily basis. But if you are already facing this problem and you are waiting for the appliance to magically fix itself, call a professional right now.


11 Benefits of Regularly Cleaning Your Home | Fantastic Cleaners AU

Improving your mood means improving the space you are living in. Since we are spending a lot of time in our homes, having a clean and organized house is one of the main things that will keep you motivated and in a good mood. One particular thing you may forget about when cleaning your house is the air duct. Having dirty air ducts will make you breathe in dirt and dust and may cause allergies for some. Make sure you clean them sufficiently to generate clean air for you to breathe easier.

Planning your home renovation ahead and knowing what you want to do or get done will not only save you time, but also money while ensuring to get you the best services available for whatever project you are planning. This is the time to start brainstorming ideas and achieve your fantasy home before the start of the summer. Start today and book your expert now!

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2021 Interior Design Trends This Winter

There’s no doubt that designing your home can be a very exciting experience! In every single detail, there’s a beautiful touch to add to your household and although the process can at times be an overwhelming experience, you must achieve the right balance of form and function! 

You should take into consideration the big picture and the small details, how they are both equally important to do the service needed. 

The journey of fixing up and transforming each room of your house can be both functional and aesthetic. In the end, home interiors are a reflection of your personality. 

Here’s The 2021 Interior Design Trends You Won’t Resist:

Kitchen Design Interior 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors. 

The lifestyle of current homeowners and new kitchen trends puts the kitchen into the heart of the house. It is an open space that flawlessly transitions to other parts of your home. Makes sense since we all spend a lot of our time in the kitchen space since the pandemic began.

Create a new style of open floor arrangements and fluid motion between functional zones inside the house. Modern designers search for a fluid sequence of rooms in an open floor plan. The open plan concept – this includes a neat, tidy kitchen, and stylish living room arrangements that will allow people to combine the preparation and consumption of food whilst enjoying family-time meals. 

The Open Concept Kitchen.

If floor space is bounded, carefully, planned wall and ceiling lights are a smart idea.

Keep in mind that decoration in one area will set the tone of the room in the house. 

As for the materials, not only should the kitchen have an aesthetic stylish look, and be comfortable for movement and work, but it also needs to be suitable and material-proof, from cleaning vegetables to sauteing sauce and chopping meat.

Trendy color choices for the kitchen are pastel tonalities, muted greens- from blue-greens of the sea to the graffiti and grayish tonalities. 

Living Room Design Interior 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors.

Since most gatherings are located in the living room, sleek art-like yet comfortable living rooms are on the rise! 

The design works very well with contemporary decor with its sleek minimal purpose of lines. It’s a style that will blend itself easily into the comfort of your home, with the touch of a little architecture and incorporating materials and styles that will create a layer that is uniquely yours!

When choosing your living room colors you should consider other aspects as well.

Ceiling Lights

In 2021, you will see that the ceiling lighting becomes the focus of rooms instead of being functional. There will be elegant, extravagant light fittings that will be coming through in every style. Not to mention amazing contemporary light categories that give a smart living feel.

This year’s trendy color is the color that will give the room warmth and natural aesthetic space. Bringing natural materials like marble and wood to create a tone of calmness in your living room area. 

Bedroom Flooring 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors.

A very essential area in the house is the bedroom. It is where you should feel most comfort and ease. While the overall mood for your bedroom is very important especially in choosing colors, flooring, and lighting, you may want to choose things that create a cozy and modern overall feel when you want to finalize the transformation of your bedroom space.

The bedroom trendy colors for this winter are neutrals. Choose a color combination of slightly tinted tones –quiet greys, white sand, dove, black coffee. These colors will add a smooth warm tone to your bedroom. 

As for flooring bedroom trends, dark solid wood floors add the natural yet contemporary look to your bedroom space.

Flooring 2021 Trends- Ideas, Colors, And Materials.

One of the top 2021 flooring styles are laminate floors.

Since 2021 is all about natural and contemporary decor looks, laminate floors are the ideal choice. Not to mention how quick and simple installation of laminate flooring is!

Laminate floors can have the look and feel of raw wood. Laminate flooring can also imitate stripped wood, ceramic tiles, and various kinds of stone. One pattern is produced in several colors.

Wood look vinyl planks are a luxury vinyl. When you know how real hardwood flooring is installed, it’s not shocking that vinyl can mimic it so well!

Almost all floors are finished with a thick coat of clear plastic.

There are many types of luxury vinyl planks such as medium-dark oak wood, teak wood, chestnut wood, walnut wood, dark oak wood and much more! 

Whatever it is, request experts with a solid understanding of the house you live in, and with the details you’re aiming to perfect, from plumbing to painting, electrical, roofing, heating, and even cleaning.

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New Year, New Bathroom

Looking after a home is similar to looking after one’s health; just like you do regular medical checks, your home requires you to perform regular checks on its plumbing system, exteriors, electric wiring, heating and cooling systems, insulations, appliances and more.  If we are to think about one specific room in your home which needs the most intensive care and maintenance that would definitely be your bathroom. 

A well-maintained bathroom is a functional one. A well-designed bathroom is an aesthetically pleasing one. You don’t have to carry out full-on innovations from scratch to ensure that your bathroom provides you with a welcoming look and feel; you can easily upgrade to a nicer looking and a better functioning bathroom by requesting professionals who will ensure that all design aspects come together nicely to give you the bathroom experience you desire. 

New Bathroom

Plumber for a New Bathroom

Don’t bother thinking about how a bathroom looks like before making sure that it is performing smoothly and properly. Hire a plumber to look into any leaky faucets, clogged drains, or blocked toilets. The plumber will tackle major plumbing issues as well as minor ones that can cause you future headache in case you don’t address them properly. 

Flooring Professional

Don’t we all love a nice looking floor? We usually base our choice of flooring mainly on how nice it looks and how well it goes with the interior décor. But one aspect that we should stress one is how much exposure to water and humidity does the flooring have in a particular room; one can’t deny the wet nature of the bathroom in comparison to other room in the house. 

Having said that, when choosing your bathroom floor, consult with a professional who will advise you on the most water-resistant and durable flooring type, all while ensuring the overall style and cost aspects.  

As a quick advice, natural stone and vinyl are good options for your bathroom floor that are also budget friendly. 

Handyman Services

Bathroom are not just about doing work to your plumbing systems, drains and pipes; sometimes there are jobs that need to be done and fall out of the scope of plumbers such as doing caulking work, installing shelves and racks, and repairing fixtures Although, you might be able to do such tasks all by yourself, you might choose to hire a handyman who is more experienced and is better acquainted than you are in handling them.

New Bathroom Items Opened by a Handyman


When thinking about painting the bathroom, don’t limit yourself to thinking it is just about painting the wall. Bathroom walls, cabinets, vanity and shelves could all use to be painted professionally once in a while. Mixing and matching colors every now and then will give your bathroom a new look and feel that will accordingly make you feel more refreshed. 

As a general advice, opt for whitish and bluish wall paint in order to give a spacious and clean look to your bathroom. Add a splash of pop color to your vanity and closet to personalize the interior. 

Having said that, when talking to a painter about your bathroom paint, don’t limit your conversation to paint colors; explore the different materials that can be utilized as some colors are more water-resistant and are better option to avoid the formulation of mold that is caused by the bathroom’s humid environment. 


Once you are done with the décor and the tough work, it is time to have your bathroom sparkling clean and surfaces super shiny. Regularly hiring a housekeeper will ensure that your bathroom is fresh looking and nicely smelling all day every day. That’s the last and most important touch to make sure your bathroom has the look, feel and experience you desire. 

Who said a perfect bathroom only exists on Pinterest and in interior design magazines? Treat yourself to the bathroom of your dream by hiring some help that you can find on WeServe, share with them how you envision your bathroom to look and feel like, probe your options and go for it.

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