How Carpet Tiles Can Improve Your Home Instantly

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Some homeowners can’t really visualize the idea of having carpets in their home. Honestly speaking, it is a big commitment. Carpet tiles are not like the traditional carpets we are used to. However, there are advantages to having carpet tiles in your home. Forget about the images you’re having in mind about spills and dirt accumulating and imagine all the fun you can have creating different styles. Read on to see how carpet tiles can improve any space and the pros of having them.

Carpet Tiles- What Are They?

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Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares or modular carpet. They are individual tiles made from carpet rolls. Installed from wall to wall and are easily put into pieces together. You are most likely to find them in offices and restaurants. When they are built into your home, you will see a huge difference. They are available in different shapes and sizes. They create a comfortable indoor space for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Why You Should Install Carpet Tiles in Your Home

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Easy To Be Installed

Carpet tiles are made to be easily installed. All that you have to know is the size of your room and what style  you would like to install. Calling a professional will make this project even easier on you. The typical flooring that gets put into homes usually takes a lot of time. It needs a lot of preparation  before installation, making it a big project. However, getting carpet tiles takes very little time especially when you get an expert. They will give you a fresh looking room in no time.

Also, due to their small size they can be easily lifted, making their installation simple compared to wall to wall carpets. This is one of the advantages of having carpet tiles instead of any other type of carpet.

Cost Effective

As mentioned earlier, carpet tile installation takes very little time. This will reduce labor costs on you. Also, they are budget friendly due to having very little waste and take very little space to be stored. And let’s say you want to change up the style in your room and want to remove the carpet tiles. You can easily use them in another space to give it a bit of a renovation. So money is not totally wasted if you end up changing your mind and removing them because you can keep reusing them.

If any damage occurs, you can effortlessly change that one tile. This will keep it budget friendly instead of changing the whole carpet like with wall to wall carpet. As well as making reaching the floors underneath a piece of cake. 

Great Design Flexibility

With this newer concept of carpet, a wide range of colors are available at your disposal. You can have any pattern or color you desire unlike with traditional carpets. The design will seamlessly flow from tile to tile, creating a unique custom environment for you to enjoy. The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your own imagination with carpet tiles. Talk about a mood booster!

A little tip? When ordering your vibrant tiles, be sure to order a few extra to keep on hand at all times. 

Carpet Tiles Are Reliable and Enduring

Originally, carpet tiles were made for high foot traffic areas. They are usually installed in restaurants, bars and offices. Having them in a place where you feel like your carpets get easily damaged will be the best choice. Instead of replacing carpets every while and then, carpet tiles can endure anything. This will be a smart investment in your home as they will still look great after years of use.

Painless Cleaning

For regular maintenance, carpet tiles can be vacuumed with no effort. This is the best thing about having them in your home. Also, if you have someone that spills on the carpet regularly like young children or even your clumsy significant other, this is your best option. You can remove the tile to clean it well or if the stain won’t get off, you can just replace the tile. This can’t be applied with wall to wall carpets. Think about how much this will make your life easier in every way!

On top of that, they are generally lower pile so they trap less dirt and debris. This way also less allergens get trapped, giving you better air quality. And the color variation can camouflage the dirt. So you can vacuum less and increase the time between your cleaning sessions.

To conclude, carpet tiles may be exactly what you need in your home especially with the many advantages they come with. Talk with a carpet professional and see what works for you. Create a cozy, comfortable place while improving indoor air quality for you to come home to every day. Start this project today and transform your home while staying on budget!

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