Change is good. Change is needed.  And if you are moving houses, you are definitely in for a major change. Congratulations on that! 

Whether you still need to move in the near future or you already took the plunge, moved, and got in the chaotic phase of furniture and boxes everywhere, you will definitely need to have some help before you can finally sit back and enjoy your new place. 

Yes, moving is stressful and tiring, but let’s not forget how rewarding the results are. Luckily, the process does not have to be so stressful anymore with the presence of the WeServe app, where you can find and request any type of help you might need. From movers to furniture assemblers. From roofing to flooring professionals. From painters to plumbers. And from heating to cooling workers, we’ve got you covered.  

Let us walk through the top 6 services that you need in order to turn your new house into your home.  

Moving Services 

Moving isn’t just about the delivery of your packages from point A to point B. Professional movers are capable of securely packing your items into safe and well-sealed packages, move them to the desired destination points, and then unpack them. 

No more worries about boxes, wrapping sheets and broken valuables with WeServe’s movers who will put the safety of valuables and the efficient-disposal of trash at the core of their operation.


Furniture Assembly Services

You managed to move your furniture to your new house but still need to have it properly arranged, or even bought a ready-to-assemble sofa and are struggling to put it together? That is exactly why furniture assembling services exist. Who needs to worry about a living room full of screws drivers and furniture parts when they can simply request expert help on WeServe?  

The specialty of furniture assemblers allows them to complete the task efficiently and smoothly, saving you time, effort, and unwanted injuries. 

Painting Services 


For you to consider your new house as your new home, you need to personalize it to your taste and preferences.  Whether you are looking to have your interiors or exteriors painted, WeServe’s painters will gladly offer you a hand. They will add the professional touch that you need to your space by providing color matching advice, ceiling painting and wall arts. 

Handyman Services

You need to get your DIY fix, but not a 100% comfortable doing the job? You might be better off requesting a handyman who will take care of all the post-move tasks that you have on hold. Yes, hanging frames, mounting frames and installing light fixtures doesn’t sound so hard, but it can result in injuries and a sand baggy looking final look if it is not done properly.    

Appliance Installation Services

Whether you are moving your old appliances or buying new ones, you definitely need to hire an appliance technician to ensure they are up and running smoothly. Not only are WeServe’s appliance installers experienced in new gadgets but are also familiar with outdated appliances. 

If you bought a smart fridge or a gas-powered stove, or even moved your blender that you’ve been using for years now, leave the installing and uninstalling to the experts. 

Flooring Services


If you would like to change the floor of the property you bought, you should consult with a flooring expert to recommend the floor type and color that best matches your style, advise you on the quantity that you need to purchase, and help you complete the installation of the new floor. 

Elevate the look and feel of your new space and request any of WeServe’s nearby flooring experts.

WeServe is a platform that connects homeowners with service providers in all sorts of home maintenance fields. All you need to do is download the app, specify the help you need, and browse through different worker’s profiles. Once you choose based on worker’s rates and reviews, you can expect help to show up to your doorsteps in a matter of a few taps.

Happy moving! Download WeServe App Now!

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