Roof damage happens in different ways and some damage may be more obvious than others. Strong wind during a storm is a common cause of roof damage which may lead to an entire part of your roof being damaged, resulting in lost shingles or even the roofing material under the shingles getting affected leading to the need of roof repair services.

If you have holes in your roof after a violent hurricane, repairing the damage is probably the first and foremost priority to protect your house internally from further damages. If you end up hiring just anyone to get the job done, it may lead to more damage and costs to fix the issue since the roof is by far one of the most expensive parts of your home to replace if not handled properly.

The roof is also your home’s first line of defense against natural phenomenon, which means that you will need to proceed with caution when searching for an expert to deal with your roof. Spending a few nights in short-term renovations is much better than spending years with a dilapidated and poorly patched roof. The best way to make sure your roof is durable and practical is to contact the right roofing expert. Recognize the red flags of an unreliable roof repair worker easily through the WeServe App by comparing experts and reviewing the star ratings and reviews left by others.

Signs showing the need of a roof repair service

If you are experiencing these signs, you may need a roof repairing service.

Sunlight coming through

Holes in your roof that are large enough to let in sunlight are a clear sign that your roof is damaged. This sign is usually the most obvious among all signs since it may also cause leakage. However, this sign is sometimes forgotten, especially in attics and other rooms that are rarely used. Check for openings that let in sunlight, room by room. Turn off all lights, close the blinds and close the door. In general, make the room as dark as possible on the inside.

Roof Repair Services

Leaks when it rains

Another visible sign that your roof needs repair works is leakage and allowing water in. If you are aware of such a damage, try to instantly act and get it repaired.  It allows moisture to pass between cracks, which might penetrate further into the roofing material. 

Spots and discoloration

When leaks have been occurring for a very long time, you can see its symptoms on the ceiling and walls. Such damage may be observed as a gray, brown, or yellowish discoloration. Discoloration may also take place on a room’s ceiling forming a circular shape. Such signs represent very serious water damage and must be repaired immediately.

Damaged or missing shingles

If shingles or tiles are missing, broken, cracked, damaged, or peeling in any way, try to take action as soon as possible to save further expenses and avoid any further problems or damage done to the roof.

Rot and decay

Check for signs of rot and decay. Mildew fungus or mold will damage the outer protective layer of your roof. It may also make the entire house be more vulnerable to blistering.

Roof Repair Services

Factors affecting the cost of roof repair services

Below are several factors that affect the cost of roof repair:

  • Repair area – the greater the area and space needed the higher the cost is.
  • Additional costs (if any): cladding, screed works, gutter repair, internal structures redevelopment, insulation, and damage to the inner ceiling.

Choosing the right roof repair expert

If you’ve decided to renovate your residential or commercial property roof, your next challenge will be choosing the right roof repair expert/company for the job. To ensure you are getting quality repairing services at the best price, we recommend following these general guidelines while choosing a roof repair services.

Roof Repair Services

You should always ask for recommendations. Ask colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family about the best roofing experts/companies they already had their service from.

Check out the WeServe App ​​for nearby experts with star-rankings and reviews left by other customers. 

Think beyond service cost Quotes can be quite different and sometimes these differences are significant. You can choose the lowest cost roof repair service but consider the investment you make – a little more can make a huge difference to the overall quality of the job.

Try getting materials warranty Working with a roofing repair service provider that can provide you with materials manufacturer warranty can save additional costs if any of those materials are damaged during the warranty period.

When looking for the right roofing professional, you should always look at the following vital factors: license, location, and experience. By area, we suggest you hire a nearby expert to work on your roof. What for? Experts within your area know the best materials to be used and the best roofing techniques according to the climate changes your area goes through.


Roof repair or maintenance must be done to assure preventing further damage to your home. Knowing what to expect can help you find a reliable roofing expert, who will take care of the problem for you. The WeServe app will help you connect with professionals and certified roofing experts that can do the work quickly and efficiently. Request the best roofing repair professionals by downloading the WeServe App today! 

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