For some, furniture assembly is a soothing project that lets them disconnect and funnel their energy into solving what can be thought of as a big-sized puzzle. However, for the vast majority of people, furniture assembly can only be seen as a daunting task that they try to avoid whenever possible. 

Don’t have an already assembled piece of furniture? Here are 5 main steps that will allow you to put your furniture together nicely, in an efficient and a timely manner. Who knows, this once thought of nerve-wracking project might become your next fun family activity!

Furniture assembly tools

1. Prepare, Unbox and Organize

Preparation is key for successfully assembling your furniture. First and foremost, you must bear in mind that you have to assemble your furniture in the place you plan on installing it in. Moving furniture after assembly is not only heavy and inconvenient, but you might also risk damaging it and other surrounding items during the move. 

Secondly, unbox the items attentively ensuring that you don’t lose any small pieces in the process. Losing nails, caps or nobs will risk not allowing you to proceed with putting things together. As you unpack, be careful not to scratch off surfaces and laminates. It is recommended that you cut the packaging open and use the cardboard as a flat surface for your work.

Lastly, and most importantly, organize. Have all bits and pieces grouped and laid out in an orderly manner to avoid ruffling through all items every time you are looking for something. 

2. Have your tools ready

Before you begin your assembly project, have the basic tools ready; a hammer, Philips-head screwdriver, adjustable wrench, measuring tape, sandpaper and a level to start with. Many packages include other extra tools that you might need. Just make sure you have everything handy before you start in order not to lose focus midway through your project. 

3. Closely follow instructions

All ready-to-assemble furniture comes with a manual and illustrated instruction. Carefully read through every bit of it before starting in order to have a clear sense of direction in the back of your mind, even if you have to read it more than once. 

Now it is time to go one step at a time. Start with the base and go upward and outward. Step by step, you will see your project coming to life.

If you found yourself stuck at a certain step, watch online videos. There is an abundance of material available for you online that can guide you through the process. Many furniture manufacturers even have downloadable instructive videos and frequently asked questions that you can benefit from.

As you are building and assembling, make sure you take frequent breaks to look at the project to make sure everything is coming together nicely. You do not want to figure out that you have done something incorrectly and redo the entire process afterwards. 

4. Be patient and enjoy the process of furniture assembly

Patience is key when it comes to assembling furniture. Having a friend or a family member around won’t just give you company, but will also give you a second set of hands to hold, carry and lift items. 

Furniture assembly is an enjoyable bonding activity between couples and family members. When you see the final results, you will feel how rewarding the hard work you put in is. 

5. Get a furniture assembly professional or a handyman help, if you need to

We are not all born naturally creative or patient enough to pull projects like these together. Sometimes you just feel that a task isn’t made for you, or that you don’t have the time or energy for it. In instances like these, don’t shy away from asking for professional help. 

Furniture assemblers can be more experienced at taking measurements, handling small items, and moving heavy furniture while maintaining the highest standards of safety. 

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