The joy homeowners feel when they purchase a new house is definitely a sight to see! And when it comes to filling up the house with new shiny appliances the feeling becomes even better. Appliance installation however, is a bit of a hard job. 

Appliances are like investments just like your home. They are meant to stand the test of time. Fortunately, this is possible with the right care and maintenance. Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can never harm anyone. Read on to learn a few tips on maintenance and appliance installation.

Make Sure There’s Enough Room Before Appliance Installation

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Installing an appliance must be done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the appliance you buy is larger than the counter or cabinet, you may need to expand the space around it.

Measure, Measure, Measure! Measuring is something critical and must be done the right way. It is now common to find refrigerators and dishwashers that are physically larger than those they replaced. Some differences in dishwashers can be three full inches in height. For example, a dishwasher must have the same height, depth, and width to fit in the same spot as the old one.

In addition, make sure kitchen entryways can accommodate a modern model by measuring them. In the meantime, you may need to close some of the space around a smaller version.

But don’t bite more than you can chew! If you are struggling with this part of appliance installation, find a professional to come and do the measuring for you.

Door Swing Clearance for Appliance Installation

It is not only important to have enough space for the appliance, but it is also important to be able to open it comfortably. It is best not to place the refrigerator against a wall. If necessary, reverse the swing of the door so that you minimize the impact against a wall.

Appliance Installation Tip; Check the Wattage

Make sure the new appliance doesn’t overload the circuit by checking its wattage rating. Nevertheless, appliance technicians say that many of the newer appliances use less electricity because they are more energy efficient. A new circuit is not necessary for most kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and refrigerators. In the event that you need to add a new circuit, and you are able to handle the extra wattage, you can add an additional circuit subpanel.

Shut Off the Water or Gas Valve

Turn off any water or gas valves directly connected to the appliances before you install them, and then turn them back on afterwards. 

Make Sure That Your Appliances Are Leveled

Leveling all appliances is important. If the washing machine is not leveled, it can leak. In addition, make sure that an anti-tipping device is installed on the oven to prevent someone from being injured if it tips over. 

Maintenance Tips for Dishwashers

WeServe, a woman bending down to put the dishes in the dishwasher to clean them in a white and wood kitchen

It’s not too difficult to keep your dishwasher running like new, but it is going to take you some effort. To start off, you need to use it regularly. It will keep the appliance in tip top shape by stopping food and other buildup from setting in. 

Vinegar is going to be your friend. Pour a cup of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and run on low for an effective cleaning cycle. Additionally, it works miracles on the stainless-steel exterior. 

Check any of the spinning arms that spray the water if they have any food or debris clogging any of the holes. Use a sturdy item such as a paperclip to poke it out and clear the opening. And don’t forget to clean the seal with a water and vinegar solution. It’s going to clear out any gunk jamming the area around the edge.

Maintenance Tips for Washing Machines

WeServe, a person putting in a pink and white shirts into the white washing machine

If you want to keep your whites to keep coming out white then you need to follow these maintenance tips. A lot of washers available today are energy-efficient – definitely a selling point that saves you money and is good for the environment! Make sure you use the correct detergent for your machine, as some models may require a cleaner HE (high efficiency) detergent. 

After doing a load, keep the door open to allow the interior to air properly to prevent mildew and mold. Likewise, wet laundry that stays inside the washer for hours can bring those musky pests.

Although more soap would seem to make your clothes cleaner, in actuality the opposite is true! In addition to leaving a residue on your laundry, extra soap can damage the interior of your machine.

Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator

WeServe, woman staring into a silver fridge standing in the kitchen inspecting to see if it needs a repair or a new appliance installation

It’s not hard to lighten your refrigerator’s burden, thus prolonging its total lifespan as well as that of its parts. The key to maintaining it is to keep it full. Sounds counter-intuitive? 

In general, the more stuff you have in your fridge, the colder it stays every time you open it to see if anything has changed (unless something truly miraculous happens, you still have to shop if you want anything to actually happen). In other words, all the cold food creates a sort of “thermal mass,” so that it throws all its weight at warm air, keeping the temperature down. 

The condenser coils that are located either on the bottom or at the rear of your refrigerator help disperse heat within. As dust and grime build up on the outside of coils, your fridge has to work harder and is at risk of overheating. Clean your refrigerator out once a year, unplug it, and dust off the coils with a soft cloth. 

Appliance Installation

With all these tips and tricks, your appliances as well as your bank account will thank you later! Don’t get in over your head and try to do all of this by yourself. To better guarantee the safety of any new item, request a professional through WeServe to help you with appliance installation.  WeServe’s always got you covered!

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