Gutters are an integral piece of any home’s well-being. The purpose of having them is to control the flow of rainwater to protect the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Skipping and neglecting gutter cleaning specifically can turn from a necessity to a nightmare. When a gutter gets clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris it can cause a leaky roof. It might even lead to water damage to the interior or exterior of the home. 

Out of sight, out of mind is a concept a lot of people like to believe when talking about gutters. However, this kind of thinking needs to change. If you don’t properly clean them, there could be a potential pest bomb literally over your head full of insects and critters. To get rid of this problem, proper action needs to be taken so follow along to find out how.

Gutter Cleaning: How Often?

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How often you should get your gutters cleaned largely depends on where you live and how many trees are in your yard. The professionals however recommend getting them cleaned and maintained in spring and fall. In spring time especially, maple trees have the little plant helicopters that go everywhere including the gutters.

When you get your gutters cleaned, another important thing that needs attention is the downspout. Having a clogged downspout will cause the water to backup and overflow the gutter. The results will be a damaged house and no one wants that for sure! 

Gutter Covers Reduce Debris

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Leaf guards significantly decrease the amount of times you need to clean out your gutters. They don’t eliminate the need completely though. The quality of the cover screen in combination with the quantity of trees in the yard will affect the frequency of maintenance. Yearly visual checks are recommended even if you have gutter covers. 

Up to 15-20% of debris can still get into the gutters with the covers. That is why it’s important to purchase quality covers and screens if you want to effectively limit the need for gutter maintenance. 

How to Make Gutter Cleaning Safe

Use a Ladder

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If you were thinking about cleaning your gutters by lying on the roof, well I hope this will change your mind. Lying on the roof can be dangerous and slippery and can quickly lead to injury. It is best done from a ladder but you should never step foot on a ladder without an understanding of ladder safety.

First, it is important to always inform someone that you are gutter cleaning. This guarantees that someone is aware of what you are doing and can keep checking up on you. Plus, by alerting the people around you will minimize the chances of getting your ladder knocked down by a swinging door. 

Also, make sure to use a sturdy ladder with possibly a small shelf to keep your waste bucket on. Wooden ladders are not recommended because of their poor construction and tendency to wobble. Before you climb onto your ladder, inspect thoroughly and make sure the hinges are in full extension. 

Get the Right Tools

Gutter cleaning: How to clean gutters and what tools you'll need

For the best gutter cleaning job, the right tools are needed. A gutter scoop is one of the most important tools to have and use. A plastic scoop has a thin edge that conforms to the mold of the gutter, allowing the removal of the most stubborn rain-washed debris. Conversely, metal scoops should be avoided. They can potentially cause damage to the gutters. 

Also, you should invest in a high-power garden hose for hard to reach areas or if you are struggling with the physical demand of the job. Using the right spray nozzle, you can get out the water-lodged debris easily. 

Gloves are required for this job as well. Thick suede gloves are recommended as they can protect your hands from getting dirty and won’t absorb bacteria-filled water like cotton. They will also ensure you won’t get cut from sharp edges. 

Finally, the last piece of equipment you need is a good pair of eye protection. This is especially important when you need to apply a bit of muscle to get the debris out. The dirt flying around is mostly filled with pest feces that can cause serious eye infections. 

When to Call a Professional?

Gutter cleaning is a task that homeowners can do by themselves, however, keeping in mind that it can be a dangerous job. A lot of falls from ladders have been reported while cleaning the gutters. Also, the job is energy-demanding and time-consuming and might cause costly repairs if not done correctly or not done at all.

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