Trees are being put up. Decorative lights are being hung. Santa is dressing up. Kids are getting excited for his visit with their favorite toys and everyone is just feeling the magic of the season. The most wonderful time of the year is here! If Christmas isn’t joyous, then we don’t know what is! It is the most joyous time of the year where families come together and bond over fun activities and yummy food.

For some families setting up Christmas decoration is the funniest part of the holidays, while for others they prefer having the work taken care of by professionals while they sit back and enjoy the festive season doing other sorts of activities. Needless to say, that some family members don’t even have the luxury of time to set up Christmas decorations by themselves. Those are the instances when hiring a handyman comes in handy, after all, they are called HANDYmen for a reason!

What you can expect a Handyman to do when hired for their holiday services:

1. Hang decorative lights

 Whether you’re having your lights hung on the roof, doorway, stairs or on architectural surfaces, the job involves a considerable amount of risk and hazards related to falling, electrocution or even fire. This task is best done by professionals, especially for those lights that are hung in hard to reach places and require the use of ladders and special electrical adaptors and extensions.

Having said that, when you hire a handyman on WeServe you won’t have to worry about supplying the equipment as they will show up with the ladders, tools, and any special equipment they might need to fulfil the task safely and properly.

If you end up deciding to hang the lights by yourself, it is strongly advised to hire an electrician to come in and inspect all the electrical outlets to which you are connecting your lights beforehand since incorrectly installed lights might result in an outage or overloading the breaker box. If you decide to go down this path, you can also request the help of hundreds of certified electricians around you on the WeServe app.

Handyman Christmas Work

2. Hanging the Wreaths:

Well, we all know that wreaths usually come with their own hanging kit that should be easily mounted to your door or destined wall. However, what you might not know yet, is that some doors don’t have enough clearance room above them or might be made of a material that doesn’t support the wreath’s hanging kit.

What a handyman can do in this case is drill a small hole above the door and insert the screw in a specific way that allows the wreath to be tied to the finishing line that is attached to the screw. This is a cost-effective solution that will ensure minimal harm to your door

3. A Handyman Setting lawn display:

Handyman setting lawn display

Yes, you might have bought the nicest Christmas decorations out there, but if they are not set properly, then it is simply money gone to waste. A handyman might have a better eye on what is the best way to visually set up your Christmas lawn display and bring out the beauty of it in a way that ameliorates your house’s exterior.

Setting up Christmas decorations is all fun and exciting until lights, extension cords and wires take over the interiors and exteriors of your home. If you don’t have much experience with electricity, or have kids around, or you are simply worried about overloading your home’s electrical system, it is best to seek the help of professionals.

 If you request a Handyman on the WeServe app, you can be rest assured that your Christmas decorations will be up in no time while you relax and sip on your warm eggnog with your family members, watching your favorite holiday movies. The holiday season should not be overwhelming; if anything, it should be delightful and stress-free. Enjoy the little things with the family. Since hanging the Christmas tree and ornaments is hazard-free, you can always enjoy the task with your loved ones, while allowing professionals to take care of the more hazardous and daunting tasks.

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