As your house ages, so does your garage. Installing a garage door is not something you do every few years. How often you should change it on the other hand depends on where you live and how well you take care of it. Also, if it’s not functioning properly then a replacement is needed as it may become hazardous and dangerous. 

With many different materials and types, most homeowners get confused on what they should do for their own house. All the information you need on installing a garage door is here. Read on to make the right decision for you.

Installing a Garage Door Cost Breakdown

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 In most cases, the price of replacing a garage door is comparable to the cost of installing a new one (though keeping your old rails and opener may save you some money). Here is what you should budget for each required part and service:

  • It will cost between $800 and $1200 CAD to install a single-size steel door (insulated and painted)
  • It will cost you about $1250-$1800 CAD if you purchase a double-size door.

Installation for the new door will be included in these prices, as well as removal and disposal of the old door. Bear in mind, however, that many other factors will probably impact the overall price. 


Sectional or roll-up garage doors are frequently used in homes. These doors are often more affordable than other types. In addition to one-piece garage doors, there are carriage-house styles, swing-out garage doors and sliding garage doors.

Other Factors to Consider When Installing a Garage Door

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Customizing the garage door is going to cost more money. Want a window on your door? Or do you want aesthetic touches like a wood grain-style paint job? Well it’s going to add more money making it out of your budget. So here are a few of the extra things and how much they really cost.

  • Windows to a single door: $200-$400 CAD
  • Windows to a double door: $400-$700 CAD
  • Wood grain paint: $150-$450 CAD
  • Composite trim for a custom look: $400-$7000 CAD
  • Remote controls and external keypads: $90-$160 CAD
  • Increase the insulation value of your door: $250-$550 CAD

Other factors depend on multiple things, for example where you live. It is common for contractors in high-cost areas to charge higher prices as they have to make a profit in order to stay in business. Those who live in expensive regions have to spend more money on their door.

Does The Opening of Your Door Need Resizing?

While increasing the size of the hole where your door goes might not seem like a big deal, it can take a lot of time and effort. To simply increase the height of a garage door opening, steel beams and other support components must be removed, braced, and replaced. The complexity of the situation can increase the cost of labor by hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. So when you start thinking about installing a garage door, always have a plan beforehand. 


A few hundred dollars can be added to the overall cost of replacing your garage door if your hardware needs to be replaced. Typically, spring replacement costs $185-$395 CAD, while cable replacements costs $160-$200 CAD.

Different Material

A wide variety of materials and styles are used to design garage doors. When you deviate from typical builds, your costs become harder to predict. Aluminum and glass doors, for example, tend to cost much more than steel doors- usually from $2800 to $8000 CAD depending on the features and labor involved.

Replace or Repair?

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As noted above, there are many compelling reasons to replace your garage door. However, there’s also one particularly strong argument for repairing your door whenever possible: it’s heck of a whole lot cheaper. The cost of door services is normally between $100 and $145 CAD, which can help prevent mechanical issues, saving you money over time by identifying and fixing problems as early as possible. Typical repairs usually cost between $90-$225 CAD, depending on the severity of the issue. Remember that spring and cable replacements, which were discussed above, aren’t just things you should do when buying a new door; they also extend the life of your current one. Two repairs to consider the costs for would be a new perimeter weather strip for roughly $170-$250 CAD and new bottom weather strips at $135-$250 CAD.

Should You DIY or Hire a Professional When Installing a Garage Door?

Though installing overhead doors might sound like a simple task, it’s best to leave it to a professional unless you have extensive experience with them. This long and complicated process comes with many risks and costs associated with making mistakes which far outweigh the benefits of hiring a skilled professional to handle it efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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