Canadians are eager for the sun to come out. With the snow and ice finally retreating, everyone is excited to be outdoors. But before you fire up your grill and put out your patio furniture, be sure to repair the damages that took place during the winter season. Home repairs in Canada are crucial to making most of the summer season.

Since the harsh winter and snow causes some issues around the house, a few preventative measures must be taken before the issues get bigger than they have to. This will help you to avoid a costly project down the road. 

So here a few steps to follow: 

Start From the Top

Roof of a house in Toronto, Canada

The roof over your head is the first thing that protects you against the weather. So naturally, it is the one that takes the most hits from winter storms. Any small damage to the roof will start out as a leak. But eventually, if left untreated, it will turn into a more serious structural damage. When regular checks are done, this problem can be easily avoided. Who wants to deal with expensive home repairs anyway?

Different roof materials need different types of care. Shingles, for example, need to be checked more often. They are especially susceptible to winter storms. If there is any damaged or missing shingle from your roof, it can cause very serious water damage to your home. 

While you’re still up on your ladder checking your roof, make some time to clean up the debris that might be stuck in the eavestroughs. Backed up gutter can make the water seep under the shingles causing damage to the roof. 

Home Repairs Around the House

Patio of the house in Toronto, Canada

After finishing up the top of the house, the bottom needs a little inspecting as well. Walk around the building to check if there’s any chapped or peeling paint. Another thing to check out is the caulking. Carefully look around the windows and doors for the caulking as the cold weather might cause it to crack and fall off. 

Be sure to repair any gaps in the caulking for many reasons. One of them is to preserve energy. Another is that you will also prevent moisture from attacking the window sills and frames. 


Don’t forget about the foundation. Visually inspect it for any signs of damage. Due to the damp climate in Canada, basements are especially vulnerable to leaks. When checking for damage, you prevent water from leaking into the basement. 

With the repeated freezing and thawing cycles that happen in Canada, they put tremendous pressure on the home’s foundation. 

Look out for any deep holes in the ground around your home’s foundation. They collect water and can cause you damages that you don’t want.

Let me explain what will happen if you don’t take action regarding these holes. When water is collected near the foundation, it can seep through the tiniest crack. Over time, the crack will get bigger. And now you have no other option than to dig down into the foundation to repair the damage. It’s very expensive. So go for that walk around the house and be on the lookout. 

Driveway Home Repairs in Canada

Home with paved driveway

Paved driveways are a beautiful feature to include in your home. But the harsh winter is very cruel to it. With the cracks in the asphalt, water seeps into it and freezes during the cold weather. Now you have ice. This ice will cause even bigger cracks to develop. 

Driving on these cracks or even just parking will weaken the asphalt. This will make it break away.

You can protect your driveway with a sealer. You should apply it before the winter starts. 

Wood Everywhere

WeServe Wood fence home repairs

If you are a lover of wood and you have a wooden fence or deck then this one’s for you! They are pretty to look at, but they are very vulnerable to weather. Yes, they are resistant to weather damage. However, without regular maintenance they will deteriorate with time. 

To protect them from the harsh weather, reapply stain or sealant as required. Also, remove any section of wood showing signs of rot.

Trim Your Trees

WeServe Lawn tree in front yard of a house

The beautiful trees that add beauty and character to your yard can be very damaging to your house. If you don’t get them trimmed, a branch might fall onto your house during a storm. Hiring someone or just doing the trimming on your own once a year will save you a lot of money.

Home repairs in Canada can get expensive. So you always need to keep your eye out on anything suspicious happening inside or outside of your home. As a homeowner, it’s not an easy job to do regularly. But to steer clear of paying thousands of dollars for repairs that could have been prevented, make it a habit and be sure to do it on the regular.

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