There’s no doubt that designing your home can be a very exciting experience! In every single detail, there’s a beautiful touch to add to your household and although the process can at times be an overwhelming experience, you must achieve the right balance of form and function! 

You should take into consideration the big picture and the small details, how they are both equally important to do the service needed. 

The journey of fixing up and transforming each room of your house can be both functional and aesthetic. In the end, home interiors are a reflection of your personality. 

Here’s The 2021 Interior Design Trends You Won’t Resist:

Kitchen Design Interior 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors. 

The lifestyle of current homeowners and new kitchen trends puts the kitchen into the heart of the house. It is an open space that flawlessly transitions to other parts of your home. Makes sense since we all spend a lot of our time in the kitchen space since the pandemic began.

Create a new style of open floor arrangements and fluid motion between functional zones inside the house. Modern designers search for a fluid sequence of rooms in an open floor plan. The open plan concept – this includes a neat, tidy kitchen, and stylish living room arrangements that will allow people to combine the preparation and consumption of food whilst enjoying family-time meals. 

The Open Concept Kitchen.

If floor space is bounded, carefully, planned wall and ceiling lights are a smart idea.

Keep in mind that decoration in one area will set the tone of the room in the house. 

As for the materials, not only should the kitchen have an aesthetic stylish look, and be comfortable for movement and work, but it also needs to be suitable and material-proof, from cleaning vegetables to sauteing sauce and chopping meat.

Trendy color choices for the kitchen are pastel tonalities, muted greens- from blue-greens of the sea to the graffiti and grayish tonalities. 

Living Room Design Interior 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors.

Since most gatherings are located in the living room, sleek art-like yet comfortable living rooms are on the rise! 

The design works very well with contemporary decor with its sleek minimal purpose of lines. It’s a style that will blend itself easily into the comfort of your home, with the touch of a little architecture and incorporating materials and styles that will create a layer that is uniquely yours!

When choosing your living room colors you should consider other aspects as well.

Ceiling Lights

In 2021, you will see that the ceiling lighting becomes the focus of rooms instead of being functional. There will be elegant, extravagant light fittings that will be coming through in every style. Not to mention amazing contemporary light categories that give a smart living feel.

This year’s trendy color is the color that will give the room warmth and natural aesthetic space. Bringing natural materials like marble and wood to create a tone of calmness in your living room area. 

Bedroom Flooring 2021 Winter – Ideas, Materials & Colors.

A very essential area in the house is the bedroom. It is where you should feel most comfort and ease. While the overall mood for your bedroom is very important especially in choosing colors, flooring, and lighting, you may want to choose things that create a cozy and modern overall feel when you want to finalize the transformation of your bedroom space.

The bedroom trendy colors for this winter are neutrals. Choose a color combination of slightly tinted tones –quiet greys, white sand, dove, black coffee. These colors will add a smooth warm tone to your bedroom. 

As for flooring bedroom trends, dark solid wood floors add the natural yet contemporary look to your bedroom space.

Flooring 2021 Trends- Ideas, Colors, And Materials.

One of the top 2021 flooring styles are laminate floors.

Since 2021 is all about natural and contemporary decor looks, laminate floors are the ideal choice. Not to mention how quick and simple installation of laminate flooring is!

Laminate floors can have the look and feel of raw wood. Laminate flooring can also imitate stripped wood, ceramic tiles, and various kinds of stone. One pattern is produced in several colors.

Wood look vinyl planks are a luxury vinyl. When you know how real hardwood flooring is installed, it’s not shocking that vinyl can mimic it so well!

Almost all floors are finished with a thick coat of clear plastic.

There are many types of luxury vinyl planks such as medium-dark oak wood, teak wood, chestnut wood, walnut wood, dark oak wood and much more! 

Whatever it is, request experts with a solid understanding of the house you live in, and with the details you’re aiming to perfect, from plumbing to painting, electrical, roofing, heating, and even cleaning.

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