Is your wish to always have clean and sparkling windows? I think the answer is obvious. Yes, yes, and YES! Having clean windows will not only boost your mood, but it will give you a better view of your outside space. Plus it will enhance the interiors. Window cleaning is a very satisfying chore but not everyone enjoys doing it. They may have a point though. It takes a lot of time and it’s hard to get clean windows without streaks. You are going to thank me after reading this article as I will be providing you with the best hacks and tips to get the cleanest windows. 

Choose the Right Tool for Cleaning

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Not only does time make a huge difference, the tools you are using can either make it easier on you or just ruin the whole thing. You’ve probably seen and have been told to use an old cloth or towel when it comes to cleaning the windows. That might sound like a good option for recycling and saving money. However, debris and lint would still be stuck on them no matter how much you get them cleaned.

A newspaper will do the job properly. Paper coffee filters are an alternative in case you don’t want to get newspaper ink on your fingers. Or use a microfiber cloth for a lint-free window. Using either of these two options along with some water and cleaning solution will give you the shiniest and cleanest windows. 

Don’t Use Hard Bristle Brushes or Tough Clothes

If you use a hard bristle brush or any kind of tough clothing, then be sure you are going to damage your window. If you have tried this before you will know what I mean. But this method will not only damage them, it won’t make your windows any cleaner. Scratches will appear soon after.

Vinegar Window Cleaning Solution

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To make a good cleaning solution at home you only need two ingredients; water and vinegar. All you have to do is mix the vinegar with warm water in equal parts. A basic measurement cup can do the job. Using this solution, it will save you time and effort when it’s time to clean the windows. 

For kitchen windows, it is advised to prewash the windows with soapy water as they tend to be grimier than the rest. If you don’t see they need a double wash then just use the solution that you have already made by itself.

If you have decided to use the mixture, rinse and wipe to clean the soapy layer properly. Don’t use too much soap as it may build up on the window and it will be more difficult to clean.

Cleaning the Window Tracks

With time, a lot of dirt and gunk accumulate in the window tracks. Cleaning them is not an easy job at all. Your hands can’t get in there. Baking soda and vinegar is the solution for you! Sprinkle some baking soda in the tracks and pour some vinegar over it. Leave them for about 5-10 minutes. You will see some bubbles which mean it is working. The gunk will loosen up making it easier for you to remove with a sponge brush. The dirtiest track will be clean after this!

The Ideal Time for Window Cleaning

When the sun rays are hitting your window directly, the cleaning solution will dry up fast. Meaning you have to keep applying more to get the results you want. Also, the window will now have unwanted streaks and residue. We don’t want to make our house look dirtier!

When to clean then? The proper time to do this task is when the rays aren’t hitting the window. In the evening is another great option to do the window cleaning or on an already cool day.

The Perfect Edges When Window Cleaning

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When you apply your window cleaning solution, some of it will fall down and sit on the edge. You can’t stop them from coming down, but you are able to clean them efficiently for that satisfying clean window look. With a microfiber cloth, wipe away all the excess solution. As it soaks up the water, you will get a clean window with no lint. To finish it off, take a look at all the edges to clean any leftover watermarks.

Remove That Scratch!

“Oops, I’ve scratched the window!” is a sentence that I have said many times in my life. To be able to remove them you will need non-gel toothpaste. Just furbish that scratch with the toothpaste and watch it disappear.

Now you are a cleaning pro after reading this article! However, there are a few hard jobs that you won’t be able to do by yourself. But that is why WeServe is here! Find a professional on our app to help you get your window cleaning done the right way.

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