More homeowners are starting home improvement projects. That is due to the increased time indoors. However, they try to do them all by themselves, which increases the danger on them and their home. Due to the increasing number of electrical repair projects, we urging homeowners to get informed and educated. No matter how small the renovation is, an electrician must be present.

Unlicensed electrical work has shown to have up to four times more faults than licensed work. Did you know that? Therefore, it might result in injuries like shocks, burns, fire, and death. To reduce risks related to home renovations and unsafe electrical work, you need to know a few things. Here are some home improvement tips you should read before you begin your next project.

Plan the Layout of the Electrical System

When undertaking a renovation project, you should always work with a licensed electrician. That way, you plan a functional and safe electrical layout. When you plan ahead for lighting and outlet placement, you will have a well-lit space and safe supply of electricity throughout your home. A plan for electrical layout is crucial throughout your renovation planning process.

Never DIY Electrical Repair

For homeowners, DIY projects can be fun. Particularly when they are adding the final touches to a renovation. DIY work can, however, be dangerous when it comes to electrical work and repair. Licensed Electrical Contractors have the proper training and expertise to perform electrical work. Incorrect work can put your family in danger. So, don’t do the electrical work yourself, leave that to the professionals.

Ensure the Electrical Work Meets the Requirements

Confirm that the individual who completed the electrical work received an ESA Certificate. Do that after the electrical work for your renovation is complete. The certificate ensure that any future electrical problems get covered by your insurance. Now, you can rest easy about the safety of the electrical installation.

Learn the Difference between Licensed Electricians and Certified Electricians

Contractors have to provide you with a seven-digit license number issued by ESA. It always begins with the number seven. Their ECRA/ESA licensing number confirms they have the right to operate in Ontario. The ECRA/ESA license number should get displayed on trucks, ads, quotes, and contracts for LEC businesses. You should always request a copy and confirm it through the Contractor Look-up Tool of ESA. The OCOT certification number is not equal to an electrical contractor’s ECRA/ESA license number. So that person is not eligible to enter into a contract for the performance of electrical work. Someone with an OCOT certificate must hire a licensed electrician to perform legal electrical work.

Choose an Electrical Contractor With a license for Electrical Repair

If you are looking to hire a contractor for a project in Ontario, you must hire someone licensed. There will be no exceptions. Licensed Electrical Contractors hire Master Electricians to manage the project. Certified Electricians can conduct electrical work as employees of a Licensed Electrician. The ESA requires that an electrical contractor performs all electrical. Even if you’re working with a general contractor or someone who subcontracts the work.

File a Notification of Work with ESA

When electrical work gets done, you must submit a notification of work to the Electrical Safety Authority. Taking these steps will ensure that all electrical work gets completed correctly to protect you and your family.

Don’t Overload your Outlets

Plugging too many devices into a single outlet could result in a fire or small explosion. Every outlet in your home gets designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. Plugging in a lot of things can be hard so make sure you use a power strip (energy-saving one of course!) that has plenty of outlets.

Avoid Extension Cords as Much as Possible

The running of extension cords in the house can create hazards and cause injuries. If the extension cord gets ripped out of the wall, it can cause damage to the wiring or outlet. Installing new outlets throughout your home is an excellent option if you find yourself using extension cords a lot. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to hire only a licensed electrician. Whether you are updating the lighting in your bathroom or installing new outlets. Verify that a candidate has the proper licensing to ensure that they are capable of doing the job safely. Incorrect electrical repairs can be dangerous, so always contact an experienced professional.

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