The Advanced Guide to Window Repairs

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Have you noticed recently that your energy bill is high, but you didn’t make any changes in your home? Is there an area in a room that is colder than another? If any of these signs apply to you, you need to call a professional for window repairs because they are likely damaged.

The windows in your home have a significant impact on the comfort and safety of your home. Even though they only need to be replaced every 20 years or so, they still need attention. If you notice any issues, you should address them immediately.

Here is a guide to all you need to know about window repairs.

Why you Shouldn’t Ignore Window Repairs

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Cost of Window Repairs

Window maintenance is a chore that we keep putting off for “later” but never come around to doing it. Ignoring the problem for a long time will only make the damage bigger and more expensive. Taking the time to fix the issue saves you money on replacing the entire window. 

Not to mention, if you decide to sell your house, buyers won’t pay full price when there is a need for window repairs. It will be worth it down the road if you make a small investment in maintenance. 

Fuel Efficient

How often does your home feel unseasonably warm or cold, regardless of what temperature your thermostat is set? The problem might be with your windows. Older windows usually have drafts as a result of deteriorating caulk or weather stripping.

As soon as you become aware of this problem, you must take steps to resolve it. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of energy heating or cooling a house that’s difficult to maintain a set temperature. This is bad for the environment, as well as your wallet. Replacing windows and adding insulation are typically quick fixes.

Safety of Window Repairs

Having functioning windows is critical to the safety and security of any house. Not only broken panes need to be changed but also locking devices. If your windows don’t lock properly, it’s a no-brainer that it’s going to risk the safety of your family. 

Add this maintenance task to your home checklist to do at the beginning of every season. If you notice an issue, contact a professional immediately. 

Don’t forget to check the locks on the sliding doors as well. 

When to go for Window Repairs

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Broken Muntins or Mullions

In a single-pane window, rotting or split muntins and mullions must be replaced. It is possible to fix broken or missing putty that holds the glass panes in place. You would then apply fresh putty to the area and secure the glass with glazier’s points after removing the glass and cleaning it.

Broken or Cracked Glass

A window with damaged glass should be replaced for safety and visual acuity reasons. A homeowner or a glazier can repair single-pane windows efficiently and at a low cost.

Sashes that are cracked or broken can be replaced if it’s a multiple paned glass. Nevertheless, if you have been putting up with window problems for quite some time, then the window needs to be replaced.

A Small Water Leakage

When you find water inside of the window, in most cases it is coming from the sides of the window. The cause won’t be coming through the window. Poor draining pipes and gutters causes the water to go down to the windows. The seals are meant to keep the water from coming in but not with such force. Therefore, change the route of your draining system to see if it will make a difference.

Bad Exterior Window Casing

Exterior casing that is loose, cracked, rotten, or missing can damage windows and is unattractive. Damaged casing alone does not entail window replacement. Window repairs can work just fine.

Most home centers carry primed wood exterior casing. In order to install the new casing, homeowners need to remove the existing casing. Keep in mind that primed wood cannot withstand the elements. A fresh coat of exterior-grade paint should be applied shortly after installation. Low maintenance vinyl and PVC products are also available for this application.

When to Replace the Windows

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Problems with the Structure

In the event that the outer frame of the window fails, it is time to replace the window instead of repairing it. There are times when the frames, siding, sheathing of the house, and insulation around the window may also be in poor condition. 

In this case, both replacing the window and rebuilding parts of the wall are necessary. This case calls for a new construction window rather than a replacement.

A Huge Water Leakage

When the window casing is leaking excessively, it may indicate damaged exterior window casings. The issue isn’t really one with your windows so much as it is one with your entire exterior. It may be time to start looking for new windows if there is evidence of water entering the home through the window.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are caused by water condensing inside of the glass. Windows today are equipped with these self-sufficient IGUs. IGUs can’t be disassembled and rebuilt, even by professionals. So there is no other option than removing the window and replacing it.

Window repairs can’t wait like other home improvement projects. By addressing minor issues regularly, you can ensure that your windows last as long as possible. A window specialist can perform any necessary work to ensure that your windows are in good condition.

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