It’s that (most romantic) time of the year again! Yes, Valentine’s Day is finally here and we hope you got the perfect gift for your loved one. The heat is rising in your household and in your relationship, so why not get your partner something that both of you will keep using for many years to come? A thoughtful home improvement gift could be the thing you are looking for. Not only can a home improvement gift be beneficial to both of you but will also build a forever bond between you within your home. 

We’ve assembled a few projects you can either have as a surprise or work together on with your loved one. Enchant your Valentine with a new home design.

A New Fireplace

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February is such a cold and gloomy month that needs a little brightening up. Warm up your heart and house with a renovated fireplace or have one installed for the first time, giving you an excuse to put on some comfy clothes and cook good food with a glass of wine. You may think this project will be costly but on the contrary, it’s a luxury that everyone can afford. Choosing an electric fireplace will bring down the cost of installing. It’s relatively an easy and affordable task to do with the help of an electrician. 

If you already have one in your place, take the time to make an effort and actually use it with your partner. In case you are concerned it might not be working properly and want to set fire to your partner’s heart not your home, hiring an expert is your go to choice! Make this one of the most romantic evenings you’ve ever experienced for Valentine’s Day.

Bathroom Improvements

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If the fireplace project did not ignite a spark in your heart, we have another option for you to undertake. Imagine yourself drawing your partner a warm bath, with candles and red roses all around. Installing a new bathtub or a steam shower would be just the thing to give your bathroom the update it needs. If you want to take a pass at that, refreshing your bathroom with a new vanity or even tiles will give it a new appearance and charm. 

A simple retouch will give your bathroom a whole new feel. You can repaint your cabinets or easily get your tiles replaced or deep cleaned. Adding storage is important to reduce clutter and re-organize the whole space for a mini renovation. Your partner will appreciate this not only on Valentine’s Day but whenever they get ready every morning.

Kitchen Renovation

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They say couples who cook together stay together. Who wouldn’t want to stay with their loved one forever? Cooking is an activity that connects the partners on an intimate level and strengthens their relationship. But to do this you will need a functional space so you won’t keep bumping into your other half, leading to an argument instead of a romantic act for Valentine’s Day.

Seeking professional help will give you the kitchen of your dreams and a suitable place for you to cook with your loved one. If you don’t want to do a full renovation, maybe it’s not in your budget or just because you are satisfied with the layout of your kitchen, little changes will have a huge impact. Painting the cabinets, adding a new backsplash, or changing up the floor will inspire you to get in the kitchen and start cooking together. 

Bedroom Oasis

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Having a private place for the two of you to just unwind and catch up after a long day can take your relationship to the next level.  Design your bedroom and make it feel like a private oasis just for the both of you. Most people keep their room unorganized and just accumulate clutter in the corners. Working on that will give you the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Treat yourself and your partner with a fresh looking room this year.

You might want to consider a fresh coat of paint or changing the drapes to make your room feel different and new. Or you can find an electrician that could help you install dimmers into your lights to give a more relaxed atmosphere. Give life to your bedroom with a few simple changes for a captivating night, every night.

Organize your Home

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Home organization indirectly affects a lot of couples. Wondering how? Arguing over finding things and not knowing where they are can negatively affect relationships. A professional organizer will help you in reducing these problems or you can do this task with your partner. Organizing may not be the most romantic thing in the world to be doing with your partner but doing such tedious tasks together will definitely create an exceptional bond.

Valentine’s Day is here so whatever you decide to do, take into consideration which room needs a little more love and maintenance and request the help of a professional on WeServe. Find and request the right expert to help you out on any home project and you are good to go!

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