If you are looking to give your space an instant new look and feel, all you have to do is add wallpaper to an accent wall. Not only does wallpaper add a pop of color to your home, but it is also an expressive form of décor that loudly reflects the homeowner’s personality. 

Long gone are the days when wallpaper was dreaded due to the difficulty of it’s installation and removal. With all the new development in material, you will surely find one that does not only suit your taste, but is also easy to install and remove. 

Let us look into the many different wallpaper materials available to you so that you can ensure your decision is as informed as it can be. 

The Easy Wallpaper

Doesn’t the name say it all? This type of wallpaper is usually made of water based ink and comes with pre-applied adhesive which makes installing and removing it as easy as it can be. What is great about this wallpaper is that it is made of breathable material so you won’t have to worry about mold formation every time you have it cleaned. 

Non-woven Wallpaper

Its vinyl free nature makes the non-woven wallpapers the perfect choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Same as with the easy wallpaper mentioned earlier, this type of wallpaper is easily cleaned, yet breathable.  In addition, it does not chip easily, so if you decide to remove it or relocate it, all you have to do is one single swish and just hang it again any time, anywhere. 

Vinyl Wallpapers

High versatility, ease of installation, ease of removal and cleaning makes Vinyl wallpaper the go to option for most homeowners. 

Under the Vinyl category falls several options including: 

  • Solid Vinyl Sheet: is the thickest option out there, therefore, the most durable. Needless to say that the material’s thickness allows room to play around with the designs; solid vinyl sheets usually feature some of the nicest and most eye-catchy designs. 
  • Vinyl Coated Fabric: For all neutral color lovers out there, vinyl coated fabrics are the choice for you. Their fabric as well as their colors and textures add a touch of simplicity to your living space especially for your smaller rooms. 
  • Vinyl Coated Paper: We would have to say that this is the perfect option for rooms with high humidity levels such as your bathroom, kitchen or even your laundry room. Why? Simply because the vinyl coat offers two main traits that the normal paper doesn’t: washability as well as durability. 

Grasscloth Wallpaper

100% natural and highly textured. However, cleaning is a bit tricky and should be handled by professional cleaners or through the use of dry cleaning components only to avoid damage and mold formation. 

One last thing before you hop in your car to the nearest wallpaper store. You should acquaint yourself with the term “pre-pasted wallpaper”. This is not a type of wallpaper per se because it can be pre-pasted. The term simply means that the adhesive material is already intact on the wallpaper purchased. So any of the above-mentioned wallpaper can be pre-pasted. 

Now that you have a better idea about wallpaper materials and types, it is time to dress up your space. Check your nearest stores and then request the help of installation professionals that you can easily find on WeServe.

WeServe is a platform that connects homeowners with hundreds of service providers around them in a matter of a few taps. Professional help will be at your doorstep sooner than you think!  

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