The WeServe app is a platform that connects thousands of homeowners with services providers around them. 

We have all been through the hassle of looking for service providers around us and might have been unlucky with the level of unprofessionalism these service providers demonstrated, causing us to be even more frustrated with the process. This no longer needs to be the case!

If you live in Ontario, we have good news for you! WeServe is finally here, bringing you all the convenience you ever dreamt of right on your phone! WeServe is committed to make your dreaded home improvement tasks more serviceable, cost-effective and faster than ever before. 

You are about to witness a whole new era of convenience, and here is why: 

  1. All information you need to know in one place. 

Googling help and browsing through a ton of ads that pop up for you is definitely time consuming. The draining process of sourcing websites, seeking contact information, calling around for more information, requesting and comparing price quotes, and finally checking availability is probably the reason why you have been shelving home improvement and maintenance tasks for a while now. Afterall, who has the luxury of extra time on their hands these days?

On WeServe, once you choose the type of service you wish to have, you will instantly get all worker/company profiles right in front of you: workers that are of closest physical distance to you and can perform the task/job you indicated will appear to you. 

Each profile has the worker’s information, price rates, and reviews. All of this information can guide you through making an informed decision about which service provider to choose.  

Once a profile appeals to you, you can message the provider to check their availability and request their help. 

  1. High Professionalism 

When workers sign up to be on WeServe, they go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they meet community guidelines and expected service level.

Also, as the worker’s profile is set up and they start going to job requests, homeowners will be asked to submit a review about the services that were extended to them. This allows future service-seekers to learn from people’s previous experience and make a more guided decision about which provider to choose. 


The review could be about anything including worker’s punctuality, level of satisfaction with the service provided, cleanliness, or any other comment be it positive or negative. 

  1. All types of service on one platform

You won’t have to go to different websites every time you want to request home maintenance or repair jobs. WeServe’s platform features over 20 different job categories all in one place. 

Whether you are looking for a painter, plumber, electrician, furniture assembler, housekeeper, handyman, mover, roofer, flooring professional, or even heating/cooling experts, WeServe covers almost any type of service that a homeowner might ever need.

Different seasons call for different types of home maintenance tasks. And whatever the season calls for, WeServe always serves the call. WeServe also has the seasonal home improvement tasks rotated. For example, in winter you will see profiles of snow removal and management services, gas experts, as well as heating professionals. Whereas in summer you will notice a shift to lawn maintenance services and cooling professionals. 

If you are interested in one service over the other, or would like to explore the different options on WeServe, keep an eye on our blog where we feature regular blog posts about different seasonal tips, home design tricks, and best practices to keep your home well-maintained. 

Or you can simply download The WeServe App and try it for yourself! Trust us, it will surely bring you a whole new level of convenience and will allow you to better manage your time, giving you the opportunity to focus on your work and things that actually matter to you. It’s time to leave the rest to the experts!

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