A Guide on How to Remove Black Mold in the Bathroom

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Having a fresh and clean house is what makes it feel like home. Taking care of your home is an important chore. Some people enjoy cleaning the house, making them feel productive and motivated. But when you are simply doing your routine clean up and encounter a dark, slimy growth, it makes you wonder if that’s black mold in the bathroom. 

Mold can affect the health of you and your family. It can also affect your house’s infrastructure. This is why you shouldn’t skip out on cleaning it up. 

What is Black Mold?

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Black mold refers to multiple species of mold. They thrive in warm, frequently moist environments. These include bathtubs, toilets, kitchens, and basements. You can also find them on wood, dirt, or paper. 

If a humidifier is used indoors, it increases the chance of mold growth. 

Regardless of the color, all molds should be removed from homes and buildings. 

To remove the mold, it is better to call an expert to help you out especially if you are allergic or vulnerable to it. 

Is This Black Mold In the Bathroom Or Something Else?

WeServe Cleaning of the black mold on the tub

Black mold can be hard to be mistaken with something else. It appears as slick, dark green or black splotches. But sometimes fungus growth might occur. 

The best way to be certain about the type of growth in your bathroom is to call a professional to be inspected. 

Why Is There Black Mold In The Bathroom?

The bathroom is the perfect habitat for the mold to grow. It is a natural breeding ground for all kinds of fungus. Mold migrates through the air outside and indoors as microscopic spores. 

No matter how much you clean the bathroom, it’s almost impossible to prevent spores from making themselves at home. 

Can Black Mold in the Shower Make You Sick?

Well yes, it can. Mold affects people in different ways. It often causes no symptoms. Some symptoms may appear if you are sensitive to mold. So you are right to be concerned. Health risks may include increased severity of existing allergies. As well as increasing the frequency of asthma attacks.

If you spend a long time in a moldy shower, you might experience a scratchy throat, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. 

How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Bathroom?

WeServe woman cleaning the mold from the sides of the tub

The first you need to do is to identify the source of moisture. That can be a leaking pipe or a dripping faucet. Call a plumber to help you with these repairs.

Always be safe when attempting to remove the black mold by yourself. Put together the items you need and be sure to wear protective gloves so you won’t harm your skin. 

Although different areas of the bathroom require different techniques, bleach and water solutions work on most surfaces. 

Here are a few DIY ideas to reduce the amount of mold in the bathroom.

The Toilet

Flush and drain as much water as possible from the bowl. Then spray the areas with black mold with bleach and let it sit for a few minutes. Flush again. Using a toilet brush, scrub with your bleach and water solution. Flush, and repeat until the black mold is removed.

Tip: Dispose all the tools used when you’re finished.

The Sink

Wet the mold in the sink with bleach. Scrub it with a stiff brush and rinse well. Repeat this step until there is no black mold. Pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain and follow it with hot water.

Shower Head

Remove the shower head completely and let it sink in your cleaning solution. Then use a stiff brush and scrub it until the mold is removed and leave it to dry before putting it back. 

Bathroom Wall

WeServe man cleaning the mold from the tiles of the bathroom

First, start with scrubbing the black mold off the tile. Use a bleach solution and then rinse it off with warm water. Spray the tiles with white vinegar and let it sit for 30 minutes before removing it. Finish it off with a good scrub.

Bathroom Ceiling 

Wash the ceiling with a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent. Then, spray the moldy ceiling with an anti-fungal solution, and sponge it into the corners. Let the solution dry for half an hour and rinse it off with fresh water.

Tip: Wear wrap-around goggles when you’re cleaning mold off a ceiling.

When Should I Call a Professional?

Call a specialist when you want to tackle a big surface. For example, when there is mold under the bathroom floor. They can handle any job too dangerous for you. They come prepared and know what they are doing causing no safety hazards. Don’t take unnecessary chances and let a professional assist you. 

On the WeServe app, you can find the ideal specialist to come and tackle black mold in your bathroom or virtually any room in your home. Keep your home clean and family safe with WeServe.

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Transform Your Bathroom Without Any Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Lately, everyone has been spending more time at home. Staying in one place for a long time makes you start noticing things you don’t actually love. So maybe you start thinking you want to remove everything and change different spaces. But currently, your budget doesn’t allow it or you don’t want to invest your time doing renovations. The bathroom is an essential room in the house. Feeling comfortable and loving every inch is very important. There are plenty of small projects you can take on to change things up. So here is how you can transform your bathroom without renovations.

Paint the Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Paint | WeServe

All of us spend most of mornings in the bathroom getting ready for the day. So when you think about painting your walls, you need to think bright and fresh. Paint can affect your mood in a big way, and removing dated or dark paint will make a huge difference.

Don’t cut corners and bother yourself by doing it on your own. Hiring a professional makes it an easy job and won’t take a lot of time. And don’t forget, the results will be immaculate and you will fall in love with the space once again. The experts take the time to do everything by the book to give you the best results imaginable. Also, they will know the type of paint to use depending on humidity and other factors that affect the paint.

Feel like you have a fresh, new bathroom by hiring a painting professional while saving your time and energy.

Install New Light Fixtures

Bathroom Vanity

Continuing with the theme of a bright bathroom, lights can make an even bigger difference. Having a dim, dark room will make the room look worse and you won’t be able to see properly. Whether it is the lightbulbs or the light fixtures, a change needs to be done. 

The key to make the space feel more radiant is to layer lights. What this means is that you need to put multiple fixtures in your bathroom. This will give you better lighting to help you see what you are doing. It will help you with your daily tasks and routines (ie. shaving, doing your makeup, or even brushing your teeth). Having an electrician check things out is the right move to do. They will hear your suggestions and give you the best options for your bathroom. 

In Canada, you are legally required to hire an electrician to add or remove light fixtures. Though, you can change the lightbulbs on your own.

Add More Storage

Extra Storage | WeServe

Getting creative and organizing your bathroom will make it feel like it is brand new. We usually let our countertops get cluttered and full of stuff that we don’t need. Sort out through all the items you have. Remove the items you don’t need and then start putting the rest of the items in baskets or storage containers. This will make your bathroom feel neat and clean.

Adding storage is always a plus. No one can ever have enough storage. You can add a few shelves maybe above the bathroom or behind the door. And if you have enough space you can have a freestanding shelf. Utilize every inch of the space and create certain places for your items for optimum organization.

Change Bathroom’s Old Hardware

Navy Vanity | WeServe

A lot of people say that little things make the biggest difference. In this case, it’s true. Changing out the knobs of your old vanity will give it a new feel.  Transform your space on a little budget and without spending a lot of time on this project. Switch out your outdated and mismatched knobs for a matching look all over the room. You can find a variety of styles online or in your local hardware store.

Also, there are other pieces you can upgrade to revamp your space. Think about having a waterfall shower instead of the showerhead you currently have. It will make you feel like you have a whole new bathroom. Treat yourself with new sink faucets as well. Create a more modern look in your bathroom only by changing a few small details. To create your vision and to save yourself the hassle, hire a plumber to install whatever you need.

Add Extra Art and Accessories in The Bathroom

Bathtub | WeServe

Some people think about the bathroom as a functional room, so they don’t even try to decorate it. Adding a few accessories here and there will boost the appearance of the space. Incorporating art pieces will give it a sense of style and personality. You can also upgrade your old shower curtain with a new one that you love. This will give your bathroom a facelift without doing much.  Also, including a few plants will liven up your space. Some plants actually thrive in bathrooms and they can purify the air. With these little green pieces, they will tie up the look of your space.

Create a new beautiful bathroom space for you to enjoy. A good amount of time is spent in the morning and at night in the bathroom, so why not invest in it. On the bright side, these projects can be finished in a short time with little money spent. Transform your bathroom and liven up your space with the help of a professional.

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