When you think about basements, you don’t think about carpet flooring. Basements are usually associated with flooding or being too damp.  Also, whenever you mention it to a homeowner, visions of mold come to mind. But let me surprise you, carpet flooring could work for your home and might even be the best option for you.

On the other hand, carpet flooring might work for your neighbor’s home but not yours. It all depends on your house. And don’t think you can install just any type of carpet in your house. There are many types of carpet flooring you should know about before making your decision. Be smart about how you choose and hopefully this article will guide you into the right direction. So here is the truth about carpet flooring and the best choices for your basement.

The Truth

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Carpets are a great option for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms. They warm up the space and they have a variety of designs and colors that suit everybody. Also, they help dampen the sounds, making it great for the upper levels. 

Everyone’s biggest concern when having carpets in their basement is the mold. This would be an issue if you have a flood or some sort of leak. In fact, carpet flooring is no worse than any other popular flooring option. In case of a flood, your carpet can be easily dried out to avoid any mold issue. And if you act fast, all the problems will be averted and it wouldn’t be a health hazard for your home. 

Benefits of Carpet Floorings

Before anything else, everyone knows that carpet flooring adds warmth and comfort to your home. Another benefit you might not know of, you can install it over an uneven concrete floor. This is an added bonus as you won’t have to worry about fixing the floors before installing. Making it a win-win situation and saving you some money. And you won’t ever have to worry about having uneven floors.

The Best Carpet Flooring for Basements in Canada

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Carpets made from synthetic fibers. Hear me out, if you want to have carpet flooring in your basement this is the way to go! Why, you ask? Synthetic fibers do not retain moisture like the way natural fibers do. This way your carpet can withstand whatever circumstances come it’s way. The less moisture, the better when it comes to carpet flooring. A synthetic carpet can handle the increased moisture and will in fact release the extra moisture. This means no more mold or mildew growth issues under your carpet.

Another thing you need to know is if the backing and padding material is also synthetic. This is just as important as having synthetic fibers on top of your carpet. Make sure to ask your carpet specialist before installing it. You also need to ensure that the underpad is also synthetic for the same reasons stated above. A polyurethane foam pad is your go-to option. And be sure to stay away from any rubber pad.

Is Carpet Flooring the Option for Your Basement?

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To be able to answer this question, there are different aspects you have to think about. First, how do you want to use the space? Are you going to use it only for storage or are you going to actually use it? Do you have any pets or children? And the most important question is your basement prone to flooding or moisture? These are necessary questions you need to ask yourself before making your choice.

If you are looking to make your basement a movie room for your family to enjoy, then carpet is the way to go. But if it’s primarily going to be used as a storage room, then you shouldn’t invest in carpet flooring. And if you are still confused about what you should do, then contact a flooring professional before making any decisions. They will give you the best option for your house while taking into consideration your lifestyle. 

Also, if your basement isn’t waterproofed and is prone to flooding, then nothing will work for you. No matter what flooring you have in this case, it will get ruined. The best option you have is to add an outdoor rug. It will give you the warmth you are seeking for and it can be easily thrown away if anything happens to it.

Carpet Flooring Conclusion

Carpet flooring is a great option for a lot of homes. But if you still can’t decide if this is the right choice for your home and this article might have helped you to consider this type of flooring but you are still afraid to make the wrong decision, then request a flooring specialist before finalizing any plans.

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