Ever since this pandemic started we have been staying at home for longer periods of time, whether it is because of lockdowns imposed on us or because we are afraid to leave the house and get sick. Spending this much more time at home is bound to increase many bills without us even noticing- one of them being the electricity bill. You might not be aware of small habits that are increasing your bill, so here is a guide full of recommendations to help you decrease your energy consumption and electricity bill.


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During the harsh winter season, the house gets colder which means you’ll have to keep the heat on for a longer time. Any type of appliance that keeps your house warm will definitely increase your bill in one way or another. By keeping your shades open and letting the sunlight come into the house, even if it’s faint, the sun rays never stop shining and they will help warm up your house. Doing this on a regular basis decreases the usage of appliances such as your central HVAC system, and for you this means a decreased electrical bill.

Energy Audit

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Getting your house inspected to see if there is any spot you are losing energy from is one of the most important things to do to lower your bill. Finding a leakage for example, specifically an air leak, will result in you losing hot air coming out of the HVAC unit, making it useless and wasteful without giving you a warm room. Hiring an energy audit will help you find these spots and will give you suggestions on how to fix them. You may find some home inspectors that will do this service for free, so be sure to contact and check out a professional.


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Most of us think staying at home means fewer outfit changes which leads to fewer dirty clothes. This can’t be further from the truth. Many people are finding themselves doing their laundry more frequently and not fully loading their wash. One of the main things you need to do to save up when doing your laundry is to fully load the washer before turning it on. As well as using cold water as much as you can. When you are warming up the water in your machine you are increasing the energy consumption by 90%. So whenever you can, wash your clothes with cold water to save a good deal of money. And don’t forget about drying your clothes. Try to air dry your clothes instead of using your dryer. These tips will ensure lowering your bill.

Phantom Energy


After finishing your movie marathon, you turn off your TV and go to bed, relaxing and thinking this is the time I save money by not using any electricity. Little to your knowledge, phantom energy exists and that up to 75% of home electronic energy is consumed when they are turned off. This may come as a shock to you and you start to wonder if all of your appliances do this. Yes, anything that is plugged in such as your TV, microwave, computer, printer will consume energy when they are not on. The easiest way to get rid of this extra consumption is to switch to power strips. All you have to do is plug everything into different power strips and then you’ll have switches available for you to turn them off at night. This may sound like a complicated and long job to do each night, but after seeing the difference in your bill you will never go back!

Dimmers and LEDs

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You may have heard before about LED bulbs and how they save energy. Truth be told, switching to LED bulbs will decrease your electricity bill as they use 90% less energy than the typical light bulbs. Going a step further and installing dimmers to these LED bulbs will help you cutback even more on your bill. When using dimmers you only pay for how much light you are using, so when you put the dimmers on a lower setting it uses less energy and it is better for your general health as lighting can affect your mood and how you are feeling. An extra tip for you: always turn off the lights of the room you are not using. This may be hard at the beginning, but make it a habit to reduce your bill.

Being at home isn’t going to get any easier…just don’t make your bank account suffer with you! By following these tips and recommendations, you are going to see a difference in your next electricity bill. Don’t forget to call a professional to help you with installing or replacing anything related to your home electronics. Use the WeServe app to request a professional today!

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