Ways to Make Your Home Holiday Ready

WeServe, a fireplace surrounded by a decorated christmas tree with presents under it and a grey sofa

Christmas is coming! How exciting is that? The season to celebrate with your family and loved ones. Canadian homeowners are now planning their dinner parties, whether that is a small get together around the fireplace or a fancy dinner. With all the guests and gatherings that will be happening, your home needs to be ready for the holiday. Here are a few things you can do to make your home the heart of the holiday season.

Decluttering the House

WeServe, a person putting a basket of towels on the wooden shelf

To start off, go around the house and start decluttering each room. If you have guests staying over, you will make room for their stuff. Or even if no one is staying, decluttering, and removing unwanted things will make your house tidier and your mind will be at ease.

Grab a storage bin and walk around to see what you can put away for the holiday season. Make sure your surfaces have nothing on them, to make room for the holiday decorations.

Holiday Cleaning

WeServe, a woman cleaning the living room with a vacuum

Before you get your holiday decorations out, the house needs to be cleaned. Some people start their cleaning process a month before the holidays to get everything cleaned up. Christmas cleaning isn’t only vacuuming and mopping the house. You need to deep clean the house in order to get your house ready for guests. Mainly focus on high traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens to remove any mold or mildew. A deep cleaning for the carpet would be a great thing to do too.

Hosting dinners and parties at your home will leave it all messy and dirty. To get this cleaning done before and after the holiday season, you can get professional cleaners to save you some time and to get a flawless home in no time. 

Holiday Deep Clean For the Kitchen

WeServe, an unidentified person cleaning the top of the stove while wearing a yellow glove.

Besides the bathrooms, the kitchen gets the most use during the holiday season. Start by lightly dusting the light fixtures and cleaning the windows. Scrub the oven, stove, and microwave to remove any food particles, to get them ready for all the cooking you will be doing. Don’t forget about the dishwasher! With the amount of guests you will be having and the utensils and plates they will be using, you don’t want your dishwasher not working properly. Lastly, don’t forget to give your floors a little bit of love.

Use Seasonal Scents For the Holiday

WeServe, holiday decorations on a wooden table with a background of a christmas tree and a working fireplace

To really get into the holiday mood, get candles that remind you of Christmas. They will make your home warmer and inviting and it will make your house smell great. 

Chimney Time!

Many of the things I’ve listed above can be done by yourself. Getting the chimney repaired and cleaned will require a professional cleaner, however. Regular chimney cleaning reduces the cost of its future repairs, improves indoor airflow quality, and prevents potential chimney fires. Make sure to get your fireplace checked out before the holiday season.

Plus, this will get your chimney ready for Santa Clause!

Prepare the Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the house and the most used room during the holiday season. A large renovation isn’t needed to prepare your kitchen; however, you can do little things around the kitchen. If you are planning on cooking a feast, then you need to get your oven checked out and repaired if needed. Get a local professional to inspect it for you. 

Assemble the Furniture

As you are hosting more family and friends in your house, you need to make sure there is enough space for everyone. Purchasing new furniture might be in the picture, depending on the number of people. To get this process done faster, hire a specialist in furniture assembly.

Let There Be Light

WeServe, the outside of a house decorated with christmas lights for the holiday

December is a gloomy month full of rain and snow with little sun in sight. Make it brighter with lights all around the house for the holidays. Add lights to the roof and driveway with a local professional to brighten up your neighborhood. Climbing up the roof and getting it done by yourself is a hard and dangerous task. To avoid any potential harm to you or your gutters, a specialist can take the load off your shoulders. Plus, a professional can help you remove the lights after the season is done.

WeServe Professionals

To get your house ready for the holidays is a huge task that can overwhelm the whole family. The whole process of preparing, hosting, and cleaning up after the guests is time consuming, and it can honestly be very tiring. So, get a professional to help you throughout the whole thing! Finding local professionals is easy on the WeServe app. Spend more time with your family and let the specialists do their job so you can have a spectacular Christmas this year.

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Garage Doors Repair Signs and Maintenance Tips

WeServe | Two garage doors with grey brick and brown barn like doors with a paved driveway and the rest of the house in the background

We take our garage doors for granted even though we open and close them, on average, more than one thousand times a year. We use our garage door every day and don’t really give it that much attention. How many times have you thought “it’s time for me to inspect the garage door?” I’m sure the answer would be rarely. We only give it a second thought when something terribly wrong happens to this huge moving object. Garage doors repair isn’t an easy or cheap thing to do. Therefore, don’t wait for such serious problems to jeopardize your family’s safety. Instead, here are some signs to look for and maintenance tips for your garage doors.

Garage Doors Repair Signs

WeServe |  a wide grey garage door with windows and black handles with a grey roof and a marveled driveway

The Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

This is one of the most blatant signs telling you that a garage door repair is needed. There are various reasons for such incidents; for example, faulty wiring, misaligned sensors, and more. However, before you go find a professional to come to the rescue, be sure to double check that there is nothing in the way of a sensor. Your door will not open if something is blocking the sensors. In the event your garage door remains closed despite being clear of obstructions, contact a garage door repair professional.

The Response Time is Slow

Observing the garage door while it opens to see how long it takes will indicate if there’s a problem with it. Typically, it must begin to open or close within the first two seconds after you press the opener. Also, it must open and close smoothly without any delays. If you noticed there is a delay however, then the garage door might need a repair or the problem might be in the opener. 

The Door Makes Noises

Garage doors that are noisy often have loose hardware, worn rollers, or faulty openers. It is best to keep your ears open to unusual noises coming from the garage door that seem out of the ordinary to avoid the last minute need for a garage door repair expert.

The Door is Off the Tracks

Old garage doors or doors that have sustained damage over the years can malfunction and become visibly off the tracks. With this malfunction it will get stuck and you won’t be able to open or close it. Nevertheless, there is nothing much that you can do at home to fix this problem. It may require specific parts and other necessary equipment which you can’t obtain or do on your own.

The Garage Door Sections are Sagging

It is not uncommon for garage doors to sag with time if they have not been properly maintained. Under the ends of the door, you’ll see large gaps when the door is closed. For your safety, it is best to check and test the balance of your garage door at least once a month. During this process, it is necessary to remove the opener from the door and manually operate it. It must not continue rising or falling when the door is brought halfway and left there. If it does, something must be wrong with your tension spring or other parts of your door.

Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors Repair

WeServe | Two brown garage doors with a dark grey roof slates and a wide driveway

So now that we know when our garage doors need repair, we need to know how to maintain them. Or else the door won’t open when you are already running late for work. Follow these simple tips each year.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

A small amount of lubrication goes a long way in preventing noises and keeping your garage door operating smoothly. Grease the drive screw or chain of the door opener with a spray lubricant. Additionally, make sure the door’s rollers, hinges, and tracks are lubricated.

Check the tightness of hardware

It is not uncommon for garage door hardware to become loose over time since it is up and down several times a day. Check your hardware and tighten any loose roller brackets or bolts.

Test the Garage Door’s Balance

If you find the garage door isn’t balanced properly, it adds extra pressure on the opener. With time and with this much pressure, the door won’t last. 

By pulling the release handle, the door opener can be disconnected from the door to determine if it is balanced. After that, open the door halfway or lower it. A balanced door will stay in this position without your assistance. Nevertheless, the spring tension needs adjusting if the door falls or rides up.

Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

It is essential to test the auto-reverse feature at least once a year as this feature is designed to prevent injury. Place a large chunk of wood or brick under the door. If the door reverses automatically after coming into contact with an object, it is functioning properly. 

Fixing a broken garage door without the right expertise can often lead to further problems, and you could suffer from a serious injury. The trained experts at WeServe always recommend getting professional help to fix your door and get it back to its original condition, and to eliminate the risk of injury to yourself.

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All You Need To Know About Installing a Garage Door

WeServe | A two door garage with white doors that have windows with a brownish roof and a paved driveway with trees in the background

As your house ages, so does your garage. Installing a garage door is not something you do every few years. How often you should change it on the other hand depends on where you live and how well you take care of it. Also, if it’s not functioning properly then a replacement is needed as it may become hazardous and dangerous. 

With many different materials and types, most homeowners get confused on what they should do for their own house. All the information you need on installing a garage door is here. Read on to make the right decision for you.

Installing a Garage Door Cost Breakdown

WeServe | a garage door with a brown door with brown bricks on the roof and a paved driveways and trees on the side


 In most cases, the price of replacing a garage door is comparable to the cost of installing a new one (though keeping your old rails and opener may save you some money). Here is what you should budget for each required part and service:

  • It will cost between $800 and $1200 CAD to install a single-size steel door (insulated and painted)
  • It will cost you about $1250-$1800 CAD if you purchase a double-size door.

Installation for the new door will be included in these prices, as well as removal and disposal of the old door. Bear in mind, however, that many other factors will probably impact the overall price. 


Sectional or roll-up garage doors are frequently used in homes. These doors are often more affordable than other types. In addition to one-piece garage doors, there are carriage-house styles, swing-out garage doors and sliding garage doors.

Other Factors to Consider When Installing a Garage Door

WeServe | a white house with a black front door and garage door with a grey paved driveway and a green front lawn

Customizing the garage door is going to cost more money. Want a window on your door? Or do you want aesthetic touches like a wood grain-style paint job? Well it’s going to add more money making it out of your budget. So here are a few of the extra things and how much they really cost.

  • Windows to a single door: $200-$400 CAD
  • Windows to a double door: $400-$700 CAD
  • Wood grain paint: $150-$450 CAD
  • Composite trim for a custom look: $400-$7000 CAD
  • Remote controls and external keypads: $90-$160 CAD
  • Increase the insulation value of your door: $250-$550 CAD

Other factors depend on multiple things, for example where you live. It is common for contractors in high-cost areas to charge higher prices as they have to make a profit in order to stay in business. Those who live in expensive regions have to spend more money on their door.

Does The Opening of Your Door Need Resizing?

While increasing the size of the hole where your door goes might not seem like a big deal, it can take a lot of time and effort. To simply increase the height of a garage door opening, steel beams and other support components must be removed, braced, and replaced. The complexity of the situation can increase the cost of labor by hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. So when you start thinking about installing a garage door, always have a plan beforehand. 


A few hundred dollars can be added to the overall cost of replacing your garage door if your hardware needs to be replaced. Typically, spring replacement costs $185-$395 CAD, while cable replacements costs $160-$200 CAD.

Different Material

A wide variety of materials and styles are used to design garage doors. When you deviate from typical builds, your costs become harder to predict. Aluminum and glass doors, for example, tend to cost much more than steel doors- usually from $2800 to $8000 CAD depending on the features and labor involved.

Replace or Repair?

WeServe | two garages with white doors in front of gravel paved driveway with a brown roof

As noted above, there are many compelling reasons to replace your garage door. However, there’s also one particularly strong argument for repairing your door whenever possible: it’s heck of a whole lot cheaper. The cost of door services is normally between $100 and $145 CAD, which can help prevent mechanical issues, saving you money over time by identifying and fixing problems as early as possible. Typical repairs usually cost between $90-$225 CAD, depending on the severity of the issue. Remember that spring and cable replacements, which were discussed above, aren’t just things you should do when buying a new door; they also extend the life of your current one. Two repairs to consider the costs for would be a new perimeter weather strip for roughly $170-$250 CAD and new bottom weather strips at $135-$250 CAD.

Should You DIY or Hire a Professional When Installing a Garage Door?

Though installing overhead doors might sound like a simple task, it’s best to leave it to a professional unless you have extensive experience with them. This long and complicated process comes with many risks and costs associated with making mistakes which far outweigh the benefits of hiring a skilled professional to handle it efficiently and as quickly as possible.

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Why You Need Deep House Cleaning Services!

Weserve, cleaning blue bucket with cleaning products inside it held by a person wearing a blue glove with a white wall background and brown floor

“Oh yes, let me clean the house!” isn’t the first thought you get when you have free time. Most of us dread the days that we have to clean our homes. While we are cleaning (not willingly of course), we start to wonder what if I find a cleaning services company to come help me out?

Well, I’m here to show you why you should follow up on that thought. Instead of feeling like cleaning is a chore with all the daily tasks and weekly routines, reclaim all that time for yourself. Here is why you should let professional cleaning services take care of your house.

Professional Cleaning Services Do it Better

WeServe, a team of professionals cleaning the office area with a mop while removing dust from desk

Despite your best efforts to keep your house impeccable, you simply don’t have the time that professionals do. Residential cleaning companies succeed because they provide more than what you can do yourself.

Any reputable company hires trained, industry-certified technicians who have lots of experience with all aspects of residential and commercial cleaning. Also, when they arrive to your home they make sure they are using state-of-the-art equipment from scrubbing kitchen floors and scouring bathroom tiles to sanitizing ductwork. 

The cleaning products are as important as the equipment. Cleaning companies have access to high effective detergents and cleaners. So when you are getting cleaning services from a professional you don’t have to worry about them ruining your floors or tiles with the wrong products. They even take into consideration kids and pets so they know which detergent is suitable for your home situation.

Lastly, carpets and upholstery need regular deep cleaning to stay fresher and last longer. With experts in cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about stains or odors from the fibers or fabrics as they use special treatment to fix any problems that you might have. 

Cleaning Services Handle the Big Jobs

WeServe | A person deep cleaning the grey carpet with a yellow vacuum while wearing blue protective bags on his feet with a grey couch in the background

Have you ever felt when you started a big cleaning job at home, you wished that you could simply just walk away? While none of us wants to admit it, there are jobs that one person can’t do alone. Some may even pose a serious hazard to your health and safety. But with experts on your side, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. 

Ducts! One of the most important things is to get them cleaned regularly but not an easy job to do. Luckily, cleaning service companies cover this task. Duct cleaning is just one of the extra things covered by domestic cleaning services. Add polishing windows, scrubbing baseboards, and shampooing carpets to the list.

If you hire house deep cleaning professionals, you can rely on their experience to handle difficult tasks like hoarder cleanup.

In the event that you have water damage or a fire in your home, a restoration company can offer you emergency response and cleanup. Some of them can also help you deal with your insurance company. It is not safe for homeowners to perform some projects. Flood recovery, toxic mold remediation, and trauma or crime scene cleanup are just a few of the jobs that are best left in the hands of professionals.

Peace of Mind

WeServe | A woman and man sitting on a dark grey couch smiling with the man raising his arm turning on the AC with a white background wall and grey carpet

A clean home is a healthy home. The benefits of having a professional cleaning service perform deep house cleaning include fewer dust mites in furnishings, fewer allergy-inducing dusts in carpet fibers, and fewer mold spores in ductwork.

Customized deep cleaning plans allow you to get exactly the services you need, and it all happens at a time that works for you.  Clean bathrooms, sparkling windows, and gleaming kitchen floors. The house looks beautiful whether you’re returning from a long day at work or hosting friends for dinner. Having a month extra to yourself each year lets you do anything except clean your home. In addition to peace of mind, emergency cleanup services are available whenever needed.

Cost Effective

Grab a pen and paper and let’s calculate all the times you have spent cleaning and figure out the price of cleaning products over a year. Don’t forget to include your family members’ time. Spending extra on carpet shampooing equipment or upholstery cleaners adds to your annual cleaning expenses.

These final numbers should be compared to the cost of cleaning services. Surprisingly, the difference is so small. With deep home cleaning, you’ll see your carpets and upholstery last longer, you’ll experience fewer health issues caused by poor indoor air quality and your house will sparkle no matter what.

Taking a step back and looking at the big picture, hiring a professional cleaning service is the most cost-effective strategy.

Reclaim your Time

In my opinion, cleaning services have immaculately proved themselves in this article. So next time you think about whether you should hire someone to help you out, take everything I’ve said into consideration. Reclaim your time and request a professional on our WeServe app.

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Appliance Installation and Maintenance: Tips & Tricks

WeServe, a group of appliances standing against a white floor standing on wood floors

The joy homeowners feel when they purchase a new house is definitely a sight to see! And when it comes to filling up the house with new shiny appliances the feeling becomes even better. Appliance installation however, is a bit of a hard job. 

Appliances are like investments just like your home. They are meant to stand the test of time. Fortunately, this is possible with the right care and maintenance. Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can never harm anyone. Read on to learn a few tips on maintenance and appliance installation.

Make Sure There’s Enough Room Before Appliance Installation

WeServe, household appliances in white put together against a grey wall and on a wood floor ready for appliance installation

Installing an appliance must be done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the appliance you buy is larger than the counter or cabinet, you may need to expand the space around it.

Measure, Measure, Measure! Measuring is something critical and must be done the right way. It is now common to find refrigerators and dishwashers that are physically larger than those they replaced. Some differences in dishwashers can be three full inches in height. For example, a dishwasher must have the same height, depth, and width to fit in the same spot as the old one.

In addition, make sure kitchen entryways can accommodate a modern model by measuring them. In the meantime, you may need to close some of the space around a smaller version.

But don’t bite more than you can chew! If you are struggling with this part of appliance installation, find a professional to come and do the measuring for you.

Door Swing Clearance for Appliance Installation

It is not only important to have enough space for the appliance, but it is also important to be able to open it comfortably. It is best not to place the refrigerator against a wall. If necessary, reverse the swing of the door so that you minimize the impact against a wall.

Appliance Installation Tip; Check the Wattage

Make sure the new appliance doesn’t overload the circuit by checking its wattage rating. Nevertheless, appliance technicians say that many of the newer appliances use less electricity because they are more energy efficient. A new circuit is not necessary for most kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and refrigerators. In the event that you need to add a new circuit, and you are able to handle the extra wattage, you can add an additional circuit subpanel.

Shut Off the Water or Gas Valve

Turn off any water or gas valves directly connected to the appliances before you install them, and then turn them back on afterwards. 

Make Sure That Your Appliances Are Leveled

Leveling all appliances is important. If the washing machine is not leveled, it can leak. In addition, make sure that an anti-tipping device is installed on the oven to prevent someone from being injured if it tips over. 

Maintenance Tips for Dishwashers

WeServe, a woman bending down to put the dishes in the dishwasher to clean them in a white and wood kitchen

It’s not too difficult to keep your dishwasher running like new, but it is going to take you some effort. To start off, you need to use it regularly. It will keep the appliance in tip top shape by stopping food and other buildup from setting in. 

Vinegar is going to be your friend. Pour a cup of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and run on low for an effective cleaning cycle. Additionally, it works miracles on the stainless-steel exterior. 

Check any of the spinning arms that spray the water if they have any food or debris clogging any of the holes. Use a sturdy item such as a paperclip to poke it out and clear the opening. And don’t forget to clean the seal with a water and vinegar solution. It’s going to clear out any gunk jamming the area around the edge.

Maintenance Tips for Washing Machines

WeServe, a person putting in a pink and white shirts into the white washing machine

If you want to keep your whites to keep coming out white then you need to follow these maintenance tips. A lot of washers available today are energy-efficient – definitely a selling point that saves you money and is good for the environment! Make sure you use the correct detergent for your machine, as some models may require a cleaner HE (high efficiency) detergent. 

After doing a load, keep the door open to allow the interior to air properly to prevent mildew and mold. Likewise, wet laundry that stays inside the washer for hours can bring those musky pests.

Although more soap would seem to make your clothes cleaner, in actuality the opposite is true! In addition to leaving a residue on your laundry, extra soap can damage the interior of your machine.

Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator

WeServe, woman staring into a silver fridge standing in the kitchen inspecting to see if it needs a repair or a new appliance installation

It’s not hard to lighten your refrigerator’s burden, thus prolonging its total lifespan as well as that of its parts. The key to maintaining it is to keep it full. Sounds counter-intuitive? 

In general, the more stuff you have in your fridge, the colder it stays every time you open it to see if anything has changed (unless something truly miraculous happens, you still have to shop if you want anything to actually happen). In other words, all the cold food creates a sort of “thermal mass,” so that it throws all its weight at warm air, keeping the temperature down. 

The condenser coils that are located either on the bottom or at the rear of your refrigerator help disperse heat within. As dust and grime build up on the outside of coils, your fridge has to work harder and is at risk of overheating. Clean your refrigerator out once a year, unplug it, and dust off the coils with a soft cloth. 

Appliance Installation

With all these tips and tricks, your appliances as well as your bank account will thank you later! Don’t get in over your head and try to do all of this by yourself. To better guarantee the safety of any new item, request a professional through WeServe to help you with appliance installation.  WeServe’s always got you covered!

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All You Need To Know About Gutter Cleaning

Weserve, gutter filled with yellow tree leaves

Gutters are an integral piece of any home’s well-being. The purpose of having them is to control the flow of rainwater to protect the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Skipping and neglecting gutter cleaning specifically can turn from a necessity to a nightmare. When a gutter gets clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris it can cause a leaky roof. It might even lead to water damage to the interior or exterior of the home. 

Out of sight, out of mind is a concept a lot of people like to believe when talking about gutters. However, this kind of thinking needs to change. If you don’t properly clean them, there could be a potential pest bomb literally over your head full of insects and critters. To get rid of this problem, proper action needs to be taken so follow along to find out how.

Gutter Cleaning: How Often?

WeServe, hand hold yellow tree leaves in front of a gutter at the top of a house

How often you should get your gutters cleaned largely depends on where you live and how many trees are in your yard. The professionals however recommend getting them cleaned and maintained in spring and fall. In spring time especially, maple trees have the little plant helicopters that go everywhere including the gutters.

When you get your gutters cleaned, another important thing that needs attention is the downspout. Having a clogged downspout will cause the water to backup and overflow the gutter. The results will be a damaged house and no one wants that for sure! 

Gutter Covers Reduce Debris

Weserve, gutter on top of a house with black roof with a cover on top of it with rain coming down

Leaf guards significantly decrease the amount of times you need to clean out your gutters. They don’t eliminate the need completely though. The quality of the cover screen in combination with the quantity of trees in the yard will affect the frequency of maintenance. Yearly visual checks are recommended even if you have gutter covers. 

Up to 15-20% of debris can still get into the gutters with the covers. That is why it’s important to purchase quality covers and screens if you want to effectively limit the need for gutter maintenance. 

How to Make Gutter Cleaning Safe

Use a Ladder

Gallery - K Gutters LLC in Longview

If you were thinking about cleaning your gutters by lying on the roof, well I hope this will change your mind. Lying on the roof can be dangerous and slippery and can quickly lead to injury. It is best done from a ladder but you should never step foot on a ladder without an understanding of ladder safety.

First, it is important to always inform someone that you are gutter cleaning. This guarantees that someone is aware of what you are doing and can keep checking up on you. Plus, by alerting the people around you will minimize the chances of getting your ladder knocked down by a swinging door. 

Also, make sure to use a sturdy ladder with possibly a small shelf to keep your waste bucket on. Wooden ladders are not recommended because of their poor construction and tendency to wobble. Before you climb onto your ladder, inspect thoroughly and make sure the hinges are in full extension. 

Get the Right Tools

Gutter cleaning: How to clean gutters and what tools you'll need

For the best gutter cleaning job, the right tools are needed. A gutter scoop is one of the most important tools to have and use. A plastic scoop has a thin edge that conforms to the mold of the gutter, allowing the removal of the most stubborn rain-washed debris. Conversely, metal scoops should be avoided. They can potentially cause damage to the gutters. 

Also, you should invest in a high-power garden hose for hard to reach areas or if you are struggling with the physical demand of the job. Using the right spray nozzle, you can get out the water-lodged debris easily. 

Gloves are required for this job as well. Thick suede gloves are recommended as they can protect your hands from getting dirty and won’t absorb bacteria-filled water like cotton. They will also ensure you won’t get cut from sharp edges. 

Finally, the last piece of equipment you need is a good pair of eye protection. This is especially important when you need to apply a bit of muscle to get the debris out. The dirt flying around is mostly filled with pest feces that can cause serious eye infections. 

When to Call a Professional?

Gutter cleaning is a task that homeowners can do by themselves, however, keeping in mind that it can be a dangerous job. A lot of falls from ladders have been reported while cleaning the gutters. Also, the job is energy-demanding and time-consuming and might cause costly repairs if not done correctly or not done at all.

Save yourself the trouble and open up the WeServe app! WeServe provides you with many nearby professionals that offer gutter cleaning services. Download the app today and have your gutters sparkle in no time! 

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Benefits of Getting Power Washing Services for Your Home

WeServe Power washing the exterior of a white house

The harsh, cruel winter is something every Canadian is used to. However, recovering from that season takes a lot of love for ourselves and our houses. The exterior of the house is no exception as it suffers through the weather factor all year long. While usually the windows get most of our attention, it’s time to stop neglecting the exterior surface of the house. Getting power washing services is one of the ways to start bringing your house back to life. 

Ignoring the outside of the house can cause damage that can’t be undone. 

There are many benefits of getting power washing services for your home. Read on to learn more about them!

Power Washing Services Prevent Damage

The main benefit of getting this service is to save the outside of the home from outdoor factors. While it is built to withstand all these elements, the accumulation of certain contaminants with the sun, wind, dirt, and rain will cause irreparable damages. Power washing services will remove any contaminants that might have an impact. 

Leaving moisture, dirt, and grime on the surface of your house can cause damage over time. Ignoring these untreated issues increases the chance of getting structural problems. Power washing reduces the likelihood of future repairs related to rot and decay. These types of repairs are expensive which is why you should take advantage of power washing.

Having routine power washing services should put an end to the build-up and lead to a healthier, cleaner home. Plus, it saves you money as you won’t have to replace your exterior material.

The Best Primer

Weserve, a power washer hose cleaning the outside wall of a house

Before painting the exterior of your home, a lot of time is spent on washing, scrubbing, and hosing trying to remove any dirt or impurities from the surface. However, the best primer is actually power washing. Many painters will recommend getting a power washing service before they start to paint. It is way more efficient than trying to do it by hand.

Moreover, the new paint will stick onto the surface better if power washing is done. Say goodbye to cracks and chips and say hello to a smooth, beautiful paint job. 

Eliminates Airborne Contaminants

WeServe, man power washing the celling of a deck to remove the black dirt with a yard infront of him

Like we mentioned before, a lot of contaminants get stuck on the exterior of your house. You might not think they can harm you in any way but that’s where you’re wrong. If mold spores keep growing on the side of the walls, they can lead to asthma-like symptoms when inhaled. 

Remove all mold, algae, and other contaminants with power washing services, not giving them the chance to multiply and grow. 

Power Washing Services Saves You Time

Power washing is a more thorough and effective way of getting your house cleaned. Other ways such as hand-scrubbing consumes a lot of time to get it done. Hire professionals to get the job done in no time. 

Furthermore, power washing only needs to be done once or twice a year depending on where you live. It saves you time and you enjoy the cleanliness and sparkle for a longer time. 

Boosts Curb Appeal

WeServe, big house made out of bricks with a green front yard filled with trees and flowers

Renovations on the outside part of the house are usually what come to mind when you want to boost your curb appeal. Though, power washing can give you the same boost but saving you time and money. Before you start thinking of replacing your roof shingles or sideboards because they look old try a power washing service. You will soon realize that they were dirty and you’ll have a brand new looking home in no time. 

Plus if you’ve just done a renovation and you really want to show it off to everyone surrounding you, power washing will make your home pop and it will get all the attention it deserves. Who doesn’t love having the best looking home?

Power Washing Services Increases Your Home’s Value

Not only power washing increases your home’s curb appeal but it does so in a quantifiable way. You can expect to add $10,000 to $15,000 to the sales price after power washing exterior siding. With such a big return on investment, it only makes sense to pressure wash the outside of your home.

Less Toxic

WeServe power washing the exterior of a house to remove the dirt

Power washing relies on water, making it easier to eradicate the usage of toxic substances across the house. Using chemicals can damage the look of your house. For example it might cause the paint to strip away. Also, the overwhelming smell will be wafting around the house and no one will be able to sit outside. 

To sum it up, power washing is what you need to add to your checklist for home maintenance. Maintaining your house takes time and money and now you have learned a new affordable way to make your house look impressive and brand new. What are you waiting for? Download the WeServe app and check out our power washing services!

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Home Maintenance Services to Do Before Summer

WeServe the front of a brick house with two white garage doors and a wide driveway

Summertime is around the corner and we are excited! The fresh lemonade and sunshine hits differently after the harsh weather. The temperatures are rising and it’s only going to get more difficult to get home maintenance services done outside the house. But as they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So there is no time like the present to start maintenance before summer. 

Even if the words home maintenance don’t light a fire in your belly, the love of your property should. Make your house the star of every family BBQ with this simple summer home maintenance services checklist.

Deep Clean the Carpets

Rug getting vacuumed to remove dust and dirt for a deep clean

People who suffer from allergies suffer the most during the summer. Allergens get easily trapped in your rugs, carpets, and upholstery making them the prime suspects for the sneezing. Foot traffic affects how much you need to clean your carpet. The average is to get the carpets deeply cleaned every six to twelve months. 

Frequent vacuuming will help to maintain the freshness of your house for a longer time. However, for optimum results the recommendation is to hire a cleaning specialist once a year.

Home Maintenance Services; BBQ Cleaning

man cleaning the bbq with a brush with an open lid | WeServe

The first home maintenance service you have to do before firing up the grill and inviting people over is to clean it up. For food safety and to ensure nothing happens to your guests, a deep clean is needed. If your grill has any mechanical issues call a professional to take a look at it. Aside from that, you can make it brand new by yourself. 

For charcoal grills, make sure that it is empty and wipe away any dust or residue. Get a scrub brush, some hot water, and dish soap and start cleaning the inside and outside of the grill. Be sure to let it dry before using it.

For gas grills, close the lid and turn the heat on high and leave it for about half an hour. Let the grill cool and give it a good scrub with a grill brush. Wipe clean the outside with a cleaner and sponge. Lastly, clean out all the drip trays.

Home Maintenance Service; Deck Check

WeServe home deck with wooden and metal chairs and tables with trees and mountain view

When you think of summer it’s all about the gatherings in the fresh air. Before starting all the fun, the deck must be inspected. This will make you see if there are any boards that are rotting so you can get them replaced. Another thing to look at is the seal. If you notice bubbling and cracks, it’s time to reseal your porch. 

After making sure everything is good to go, the only thing left to do is to power wash it all. Wash your deck and porch for a fresh new look to have the perfect space for summer. Hiring a professional will make this home maintenance service a task that you don’t have to put much thought into.

Clean the Windows and Blinds

WeServe as one of home maintenance projects to do is cleaning the window with pink gloves, a sponge, and a disinfectant.

Spring’s rain is almost in the rearview, giving you one less thing to worry about. This calls for a thorough window cleaning. Get a better view and let the sunshine into your house for a fresh-feeling house. Blinds are also important to clean them as they can harbor spores and allergens. 

For this home maintenance service, calling a professional will save you a lot of time and dangerous, hard work. The cost depends on how many windows you want to get cleaned.

Perform a Home Security Audit

WeServe ipad wih 4 screens of security camera around the house with man touching the square in the bottom right

Don’t give the burglars any chance to get into your home and keep your family safe. As this is not the most fun topic to talk about, it is essential to shed some light on it. Get an expert to come and install an alarm system for your house. If you already have one, make sure it is working perfectly for your home to be fully protected. 

Deep Clean your Fridge

WeServe deep cleaning an empty fridge with cloth and detergent as part of home maintenance services

Do you have unidentified leftovers in tupperware in the back of your fridge that you just can’t seem to clean? Well this is your sign to start tackling the whole fridge. Keep it running smoothly by giving it a little TLC. 

Use a coil brush to clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils. These coils accumulate a lot of dirt, pet hair, and food remnants. Dirty coils lead to the fridge to work harder to cool which will result in expensive repairs. Then use a mild cleanser to clean the entire interior to remove anything that might be stuck to it. Find a specialist to do any necessary repairs.

Pool Home Maintenance Service

WeServe home maintenance service for the pool surrounded by tanning beds in the backyars

The pool is one of the most used spots during summertime. Therefore, before sending out any pool party invitations for (well… yourself because the pandemic is not over) the swimming pool should be checked out. It must be inspected for leaks and that the heaters and pumps are operating normally. 

Let the love for your house fuel your motivation to complete these home maintenance services. While the tasks may seem dreary and exhausting, it’s important to keep your house looking its best. Call an expert for the different jobs before it gets too hot to handle. Grab yourself an iced tea and enjoy your summer!

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Home Renovations to Add Value to Your House

WeServe modern house in the dark with the lights on against a blue background

When it comes to home improvements there are two major things to consider; if the improvement will increase the value of your home to you or if it will increase it to others when and if you decide to sell your house. The most valuable home renovations for your home are the ones that boost your home’s worth in relation to the amount you spent on it.

Strategic decisions are important to make during the renovations. Doing these projects serves two purposes; a joyous and happy feeling in your home while making an investment for the future. So now you might start asking yourself which home improvements add the most value? Read on to learn more about the best projects with the highest ROI (Return On Investment) to undertake to raise your home’s rate. 

Kitchen Renovations

WeServe white modern kitchen with wood bas stools as an example of home renovation

The kitchen is the heart of any home. More than any room, it has a magnetic pull. Having a vibrant kitchen makes people want to gather around and socialize there. As a result, this room is what attracts prospective home buyers. To make the right decision is important here as it can make or break any possible deals. 

Minor renovations are the way to go when it comes to the kitchen. Stylish improvements can lead to a 60-120% return on investment. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the kitchen to get a big return. A minor remodel will recoup about 81% of its cost, while a major upscale remodel will only recoup 53.5% of its cost. The key is to not overdo it. Make the kitchen naturally flow with the rest of the house. 

The most valuable home renovations in Canada include modernizing the cabinets, countertops, installing new appliances, painting the walls, and putting in new flooring. These projects don’t have to be done at the same time. Incremental, well-timed kitchen improvements will go a long way.

Home Renovations: Bathroom Remodel

WeServe modern tile in bathroom

Bathrooms are more than just an essential space; they present a major opportunity to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Just like the kitchen, bathroom remodeling shouldn’t be a large-scale process. If the renovation is done correctly, the average ROI for minor bathroom upgrades is 102%. Paying attention to small details and to the current design trends is essential during this process.

To boost your home’s value is more about prioritizing practical, cost-effective jobs that refreshes and upgrades the house. Re-caulking and re-tiling surfaces are one of the things that you can do. As well as installing new fixtures and lighting, painting, fixing the plumbing, and installing new flooring. 

Windows & Doors

WeServe living room with fireplace and big windows

Having a single-pane outdated, leaky window won’t add any value to your home. As a matter of fact it may downgrade the whole home. Installing modern, energy-efficient windows and doors will kill two birds in one stone. They will improve the home’s efficiency while making it more aesthetically pleasing. As is the case with large-scale renovations, this project is expensive. That said, you must keep in mind the potential ROI instead of only fixating on the cost. New windows yield a very significant return. Homeowners can recoup between 70 and 80% on the initial investment.

To have reliable windows and doors, you must look into ones that are certified. This way you are sure they are meeting certain standards for the design and performance. 


WeServe Front of house with stone stairs surrounded by plants

Curb appeal is the main attraction of the house. A beautiful landscape will not only make you the talk of the neighborhood but it will also increase the value of your house. A well maintained front yard and garden that is aesthetically pleasing makes all the difference. The estimates vary significantly for the landscaping’s ROI. However, a few things have a timeless appeal that have proven to matter during the selling process. Flowers, shrubs, walkways, and flagstones are examples of what you should have in your garden. 

Here is another reminder to not overdo it. An excessively manicured yard makes people think maintaining such an over-the-top garden is hard and exhausting. And this is the opposite of what you want when investing in a home renovation. So instead of going overboard, plant some flowers and create a beautiful space for people to sit in. A professional can help you out with creating the ideal landscape for your home. 

A Refreshed Deck for Home Renovations

WeServe home renovation of the outer deck with wooden surface and stairs with lights installed

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, having a beautiful backyard deck to relax and socialize on is an appealing thing. And to no one’s surprise, refurbishing or even installing a deck has a very high return on investment. 

Homeowners can expect an ROI of approximately 75%. The prices for deck installation fluctuate but it is still an investment worth making. And for those who already have a deck, a few improvements go a long way. Refresh an old worn out space with power washing, staining, and sealing. 

With a better understanding of the ROI on each home renovations in Canada, now you can make the right decision for your home. Find a professional you see fit for you and let’s get to work!

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Different Type of Roofing Materials

WeServe house with metal shingles on the roof

To have a roof in good condition is critical to our living conditions. Roofs provide us with safety and stability. But to know which type of roofing material to use can get difficult. If your roof is damaged or you are planning on getting it replaced, you need to know about the different options. 

Although many homeowners give little or no thought about their roof, no one can live without it. There are a few popular roofing materials used for Canadian homes. So here is all you need to know about them.

Wood Shingles

WeServe brick house with wooden shingles on the roof with background of trees

Wooden shingles are great environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional roofing shingle materials. Not only do they give you a more unique and traditional look but they have a lot of advantages. They are rot proof, insect resistant, and come in a variety of shades. 

Wood shingles are available in two types: cedar and pressure-treated lumber. The pressure treated wood is sturdier and more weather proof. However, this wood type is not that good-looking. Cedar wood is pretty expensive to purchase and install compared to the other type. Also, it needs a bit more regular maintenance.  Both types on the other hand keep the moisture out which minimizes decay. 

With the right maintenance, wood shingles typically last 30 years before needing to be replaced. 

Different Type of Roofing Materials: Asphalt Shingles

WeServe different type of material; close up of asphalt shingles on the roof of the house

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing materials. They are known for their affordable prices, easy installation, and energy efficiency. Due to heavy snow storms, Canadians should always look for something that can withstand them. Shingles are relatively heavy, making them a good choice in Canada. Plus they don’t get affected by the fluctuations in temperature. 

There are two kinds of asphalt shingles; organic and fiberglass. Organic shingles are not made out of sustainable materials as many people might think. The organic refers to a non-synthetic material that distinguishes them from fiberglass. Organic asphalt shingles can last up to 20 years with proper installation and maintenance. As for fiberglass, they are a more modern version of the organic shingles. Fiberglass shingles use glass instead of paper layers. 

Fiberglass shingles compared to organic shingles are lighter, more resistant to heat, and less expensive. Before they are installed, a professional roofer will install a layer of felt so you can get these shingles installed.

Subtypes have varying durability, but mostly all types of shingles need to be replaced every 20 years. No one wants to keep investing in a huge roofing project, that’s why you need to ensure it’s going to last you for a long time. Have a professional take a look to tell you what type of roofing material is suitable for your house. A specialist will be able to make the right recommendation. 

Slate Shingles

WeServe old looking house made out of bricks with front yard that has slate shingles on the roof

Slate is one of the oldest materials used for roofing. The shingles are 100% natural stone with no additives. For the right type of classic home style, slate shingles tie in well with the house. You can also say they are aesthetically pleasing. And they come in a variety of colors.

Durability is one of the strong points. Slate is unaffected by insects such as termites or carpenter ants. Also, because it’s a dense stone, it absorbs relatively little water. As a stone, it’s fireproof. This protects the home from burning due to sparks or embers landing on the roof. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that slate shingles are heavy. This means not every home will be able to support the weight. Also, there are specialists to install this type of roofing material so be sure to hire a professional.

An important thing to know about the slates is that they are expensive to purchase and install, but they require zero maintenance. Often they come with a 100-year warranty. Slate shingles are a great option for homes in extreme climates.

Tile Shingles

WeServe house with orange tile shingles on the roof against a blue sky

Tile shingles are not very popular amongst Canadians. That is likely due to their distinctive color and their price. Nevertheless, they are extremely durable and need to be replaced only every 50 years. Much like the slate shingles, some homes aren’t built to handle the weight of them. Request a professional to come and look at your house to tell you if it is suitable to install or not. 

Different Type of Roofing Material: Metal Roofs

WeServe modern house with black metal roofing against blue background and trees

If your house has a steep roof then this type of roofing material is for you. Metal roofs come in two forms; solid metal or individual tiles. The tiles come in different materials. They are typically made out of galvanized or stainless steel, copper, titanium, or aluminum. On the other hand, metal roofs are on the pricier side of the spectrum. The cost of the project depends on the type of metal you are using. On the bright side, and what might sell you on this material is it can last up to 50 years.

Now that you are more informed about the different types of roofing material, you should be ready to start your roofing project. Contact a professional and start building your dream home today!

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