Window Cleaning Hacks for your Home

Is your wish to always have clean and sparkling windows? I think the answer is obvious. Yes, yes, and YES! Having clean windows will not only boost your mood, but it will give you a better view of your outside space. Plus it will enhance the interiors. Window cleaning is a very satisfying chore but not everyone enjoys doing it. They may have a point though. It takes a lot of time and it’s hard to get clean windows without streaks. You are going to thank me after reading this article as I will be providing you with the best hacks and tips to get the cleanest windows. 

Choose the Right Tool for Cleaning

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Not only does time make a huge difference, the tools you are using can either make it easier on you or just ruin the whole thing. You’ve probably seen and have been told to use an old cloth or towel when it comes to cleaning the windows. That might sound like a good option for recycling and saving money. However, debris and lint would still be stuck on them no matter how much you get them cleaned.

A newspaper will do the job properly. Paper coffee filters are an alternative in case you don’t want to get newspaper ink on your fingers. Or use a microfiber cloth for a lint-free window. Using either of these two options along with some water and cleaning solution will give you the shiniest and cleanest windows. 

Don’t Use Hard Bristle Brushes or Tough Clothes

If you use a hard bristle brush or any kind of tough clothing, then be sure you are going to damage your window. If you have tried this before you will know what I mean. But this method will not only damage them, it won’t make your windows any cleaner. Scratches will appear soon after.

Vinegar Window Cleaning Solution

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To make a good cleaning solution at home you only need two ingredients; water and vinegar. All you have to do is mix the vinegar with warm water in equal parts. A basic measurement cup can do the job. Using this solution, it will save you time and effort when it’s time to clean the windows. 

For kitchen windows, it is advised to prewash the windows with soapy water as they tend to be grimier than the rest. If you don’t see they need a double wash then just use the solution that you have already made by itself.

If you have decided to use the mixture, rinse and wipe to clean the soapy layer properly. Don’t use too much soap as it may build up on the window and it will be more difficult to clean.

Cleaning the Window Tracks

With time, a lot of dirt and gunk accumulate in the window tracks. Cleaning them is not an easy job at all. Your hands can’t get in there. Baking soda and vinegar is the solution for you! Sprinkle some baking soda in the tracks and pour some vinegar over it. Leave them for about 5-10 minutes. You will see some bubbles which mean it is working. The gunk will loosen up making it easier for you to remove with a sponge brush. The dirtiest track will be clean after this!

The Ideal Time for Window Cleaning

When the sun rays are hitting your window directly, the cleaning solution will dry up fast. Meaning you have to keep applying more to get the results you want. Also, the window will now have unwanted streaks and residue. We don’t want to make our house look dirtier!

When to clean then? The proper time to do this task is when the rays aren’t hitting the window. In the evening is another great option to do the window cleaning or on an already cool day.

The Perfect Edges When Window Cleaning

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When you apply your window cleaning solution, some of it will fall down and sit on the edge. You can’t stop them from coming down, but you are able to clean them efficiently for that satisfying clean window look. With a microfiber cloth, wipe away all the excess solution. As it soaks up the water, you will get a clean window with no lint. To finish it off, take a look at all the edges to clean any leftover watermarks.

Remove That Scratch!

“Oops, I’ve scratched the window!” is a sentence that I have said many times in my life. To be able to remove them you will need non-gel toothpaste. Just furbish that scratch with the toothpaste and watch it disappear.

Now you are a cleaning pro after reading this article! However, there are a few hard jobs that you won’t be able to do by yourself. But that is why WeServe is here! Find a professional on our app to help you get your window cleaning done the right way.

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Home Electrical Tips: How to Avoid Unsafe Electrical Repair

More homeowners are starting home improvement projects. That is due to the increased time indoors. However, they try to do them all by themselves, which increases the danger on them and their home. Due to the increasing number of electrical repair projects, we urging homeowners to get informed and educated. No matter how small the renovation is, an electrician must be present.

Unlicensed electrical work has shown to have up to four times more faults than licensed work. Did you know that? Therefore, it might result in injuries like shocks, burns, fire, and death. To reduce risks related to home renovations and unsafe electrical work, you need to know a few things. Here are some home improvement tips you should read before you begin your next project.

Plan the Layout of the Electrical System

When undertaking a renovation project, you should always work with a licensed electrician. That way, you plan a functional and safe electrical layout. When you plan ahead for lighting and outlet placement, you will have a well-lit space and safe supply of electricity throughout your home. A plan for electrical layout is crucial throughout your renovation planning process.

Never DIY Electrical Repair

For homeowners, DIY projects can be fun. Particularly when they are adding the final touches to a renovation. DIY work can, however, be dangerous when it comes to electrical work and repair. Licensed Electrical Contractors have the proper training and expertise to perform electrical work. Incorrect work can put your family in danger. So, don’t do the electrical work yourself, leave that to the professionals.

Ensure the Electrical Work Meets the Requirements

Confirm that the individual who completed the electrical work received an ESA Certificate. Do that after the electrical work for your renovation is complete. The certificate ensure that any future electrical problems get covered by your insurance. Now, you can rest easy about the safety of the electrical installation.

Learn the Difference between Licensed Electricians and Certified Electricians

Contractors have to provide you with a seven-digit license number issued by ESA. It always begins with the number seven. Their ECRA/ESA licensing number confirms they have the right to operate in Ontario. The ECRA/ESA license number should get displayed on trucks, ads, quotes, and contracts for LEC businesses. You should always request a copy and confirm it through the Contractor Look-up Tool of ESA. The OCOT certification number is not equal to an electrical contractor’s ECRA/ESA license number. So that person is not eligible to enter into a contract for the performance of electrical work. Someone with an OCOT certificate must hire a licensed electrician to perform legal electrical work.

Choose an Electrical Contractor With a license for Electrical Repair

If you are looking to hire a contractor for a project in Ontario, you must hire someone licensed. There will be no exceptions. Licensed Electrical Contractors hire Master Electricians to manage the project. Certified Electricians can conduct electrical work as employees of a Licensed Electrician. The ESA requires that an electrical contractor performs all electrical. Even if you’re working with a general contractor or someone who subcontracts the work.

File a Notification of Work with ESA

When electrical work gets done, you must submit a notification of work to the Electrical Safety Authority. Taking these steps will ensure that all electrical work gets completed correctly to protect you and your family.

Don’t Overload your Outlets

Plugging too many devices into a single outlet could result in a fire or small explosion. Every outlet in your home gets designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. Plugging in a lot of things can be hard so make sure you use a power strip (energy-saving one of course!) that has plenty of outlets.

Avoid Extension Cords as Much as Possible

The running of extension cords in the house can create hazards and cause injuries. If the extension cord gets ripped out of the wall, it can cause damage to the wiring or outlet. Installing new outlets throughout your home is an excellent option if you find yourself using extension cords a lot. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to hire only a licensed electrician. Whether you are updating the lighting in your bathroom or installing new outlets. Verify that a candidate has the proper licensing to ensure that they are capable of doing the job safely. Incorrect electrical repairs can be dangerous, so always contact an experienced professional.

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Plumbing Services You Need To Know About

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Pipes and drains are everywhere around the house. Having clogged or broken drains can stink up the whole house. Nobody wants to live with that for sure! Unfortunately, most people get professional plumbing services only when the problem becomes unbearable.

In order to be able to live in your own home, you shouldn’t keep putting off that plumbing problem. You might be thinking “oh, it’s nothing major”. But soon enough, it can become something major to the point your space becomes unlivable. To simplify things for you, this blog is to give you a bit more of an understanding about the different plumbing services available and why it could sometimes be crucial to get them.

Why Call a Professional Plumbing Service?

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First, let’s talk about when you need to call a plumbing service. There are many benefits to having a professional come to your house. Here are a few of those benefits:

Safety Reasons

Doing a plumber’s job on your own is not a safe thing to do. This is not only a health risk but a risk to your home as well. Who can put a price tag on that? Most plumbing jobs are high risk as a large amount of electricity is often transmitted by objects that require plumbing.

Changing water heaters and dealing with water lines are risky tasks. Only qualified and skilled plumbers are capable of executing such tasks. 


An expert plumber can actually save you a lot of time and money. With their knowledge and experience they will do their job the best way possible in the most reliable way. Hiring a professional with a license is preferable in any case. Because a license provides evidence that these experts have the skills, the knowledge, and are true experts in their field.

Cost Effective

People usually fix plumbing problems themselves as they feel hiring an expert is too expensive for them. Because of that, they end up doing DIY jobs without realizing how much money it would cost them later on. The real costs usually come when the same issue reoccurs and they have to fix it. The cost will amplify. Here you can definitely get better value for your money by hiring a professional plumber. 

Help from a Professional

People seem to think they can fix plumbing by themselves. And the problem gets way worse. This is obviously why hiring a professional and experienced plumber is an essential step since they guarantee to give you the best plumbing services. Whether they are fixing a problem or having something new installed.

Also, they have the right tools and equipment. So it doesn’t get better than this.

Plumbing Services Available

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Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement 

When garbage disposals become worn from excessive use, plumber services may need to install new ones or possibly repair spotted damaged areas over the existing disposal. If a disposal has been severely damaged, repairs may include replacing broken fittings or parts. It may also be necessary to replace the entire unit.

Toilet Repair

“Don’t try to fix an overflowing toilet on your own.” If you do it, the problem will get worse. You can rely on plumbers to do a good job. To clear all clogged pipes, a high-pressure water jet is used. Due to the extreme pressure of the water blast, all kinds of debris and dust will be washed away instantly.

Leakage Repair

If you were to hire a plumbing company, they will automatically offer leak repair services. There is nothing more annoying than hearing a leaky faucet drip repeatedly. You may not know, but a leaky faucet could simply mean that the installed pipes have been damaged and may potentially indicate a serious problem inside.

In every household, leaks are a very common problem. It doesn’t matter whether you have a leaking or broken pipe because plumbers have extensive experience dealing with such issues. Therefore, they can definitely provide a complete and effective solution to leaking problems.

Sewer Main Installation and Repair 

Sewer inspection is crucial for both homeowners and prospective buyers. Repairs will come next as an important thing. The sewer is ultimately responsible for transporting water, grease, and other liquids from the house. Eventually, liquids cause clogs and slow drains. It is therefore imperative that you regularly inspect your sewer systems and be extra vigilant.

Water Heater Service

Plumbers often receive this call as it is one of the most common emergencies. The last thing you would want is to find out that your water heater is broken during the cold weather. Nevertheless, they do happen. Make sure the plumbing company you hire to repair your water heater also installs them. Additionally, it is advisable to ask a plumber for suggestions about the best water heater.

There is no doubt that the above-mentioned plumbing issues are a very clear indicator that you need to hire the right professional. Numerous plumbing experts can provide the same kind of service, but keep in mind that some of them might not be the best fit for you. Find the professional you need on the WeServe app.

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The Advanced Guide to Window Repairs

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Have you noticed recently that your energy bill is high, but you didn’t make any changes in your home? Is there an area in a room that is colder than another? If any of these signs apply to you, you need to call a professional for window repairs because they are likely damaged.

The windows in your home have a significant impact on the comfort and safety of your home. Even though they only need to be replaced every 20 years or so, they still need attention. If you notice any issues, you should address them immediately.

Here is a guide to all you need to know about window repairs.

Why you Shouldn’t Ignore Window Repairs

WeServe | a man holding a window panel with a toolbox on the side

Cost of Window Repairs

Window maintenance is a chore that we keep putting off for “later” but never come around to doing it. Ignoring the problem for a long time will only make the damage bigger and more expensive. Taking the time to fix the issue saves you money on replacing the entire window. 

Not to mention, if you decide to sell your house, buyers won’t pay full price when there is a need for window repairs. It will be worth it down the road if you make a small investment in maintenance. 

Fuel Efficient

How often does your home feel unseasonably warm or cold, regardless of what temperature your thermostat is set? The problem might be with your windows. Older windows usually have drafts as a result of deteriorating caulk or weather stripping.

As soon as you become aware of this problem, you must take steps to resolve it. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of energy heating or cooling a house that’s difficult to maintain a set temperature. This is bad for the environment, as well as your wallet. Replacing windows and adding insulation are typically quick fixes.

Safety of Window Repairs

Having functioning windows is critical to the safety and security of any house. Not only broken panes need to be changed but also locking devices. If your windows don’t lock properly, it’s a no-brainer that it’s going to risk the safety of your family. 

Add this maintenance task to your home checklist to do at the beginning of every season. If you notice an issue, contact a professional immediately. 

Don’t forget to check the locks on the sliding doors as well. 

When to go for Window Repairs

WeServe | a man standing on a ladder with a white shirt drilling to stabilize the new window

Broken Muntins or Mullions

In a single-pane window, rotting or split muntins and mullions must be replaced. It is possible to fix broken or missing putty that holds the glass panes in place. You would then apply fresh putty to the area and secure the glass with glazier’s points after removing the glass and cleaning it.

Broken or Cracked Glass

A window with damaged glass should be replaced for safety and visual acuity reasons. A homeowner or a glazier can repair single-pane windows efficiently and at a low cost.

Sashes that are cracked or broken can be replaced if it’s a multiple paned glass. Nevertheless, if you have been putting up with window problems for quite some time, then the window needs to be replaced.

A Small Water Leakage

When you find water inside of the window, in most cases it is coming from the sides of the window. The cause won’t be coming through the window. Poor draining pipes and gutters causes the water to go down to the windows. The seals are meant to keep the water from coming in but not with such force. Therefore, change the route of your draining system to see if it will make a difference.

Bad Exterior Window Casing

Exterior casing that is loose, cracked, rotten, or missing can damage windows and is unattractive. Damaged casing alone does not entail window replacement. Window repairs can work just fine.

Most home centers carry primed wood exterior casing. In order to install the new casing, homeowners need to remove the existing casing. Keep in mind that primed wood cannot withstand the elements. A fresh coat of exterior-grade paint should be applied shortly after installation. Low maintenance vinyl and PVC products are also available for this application.

When to Replace the Windows

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Problems with the Structure

In the event that the outer frame of the window fails, it is time to replace the window instead of repairing it. There are times when the frames, siding, sheathing of the house, and insulation around the window may also be in poor condition. 

In this case, both replacing the window and rebuilding parts of the wall are necessary. This case calls for a new construction window rather than a replacement.

A Huge Water Leakage

When the window casing is leaking excessively, it may indicate damaged exterior window casings. The issue isn’t really one with your windows so much as it is one with your entire exterior. It may be time to start looking for new windows if there is evidence of water entering the home through the window.

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are caused by water condensing inside of the glass. Windows today are equipped with these self-sufficient IGUs. IGUs can’t be disassembled and rebuilt, even by professionals. So there is no other option than removing the window and replacing it.

Window repairs can’t wait like other home improvement projects. By addressing minor issues regularly, you can ensure that your windows last as long as possible. A window specialist can perform any necessary work to ensure that your windows are in good condition.

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