How to do duct cleaning in a professional way?

Duct Cleaning

Every house has a unique infrastructure, but one thing is common: the heating and cooling system. It keeps your home warm during winters and cool during summers, making it a comfortable place to live in. However, it requires frequent proper maintenance and duct cleaning. By using the WeServe app to hire professional workers, you will have duct cleaning services managed and executed by professionals, thereby not making you worry about the hassle.

Duct cleaning is something most people often forget about. As ducts are often overlooked, many people do not even remember the last time they cleaned their ducts. If you are one of those people, you will find more information below about the importance of duct cleaning and some simple yet professional tips and tricks you can use to clean your ducts. 

Importance of duct cleaning:

1- Healthy Air Quality 

The duct system of our home sucks the contaminants from the air produced by ourselves and our pets. If you don’t clean ducts regularly, these contaminants will be released back into the air causing health issues. By cleaning air ducts, you can assure that your home has healthy air quality. 

2- Save energy and money

A survey conducted by the US Department of Energy shows that 25-40% of energy is wasted by furnace and cooling systems. It happens due to dirty air ducts since energy consumption is increased to maintain their flow. Regularly cleaning ducts will help you save energy and money.

3- Increase durability of the system 

Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning is the reason duct systems fail. If you are not planning to invest money in buying a new system; It is better to keep the old one clean and increase its durability. 

Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

Signs you need duct cleaning:

If you are wondering whether you should clean your ducts or not, here are some warning signs you need to look out for: 

  • If you notice a visible mold growth 
  • Infestation of insects or rodents 
  • Air quality is reducing and you notice a foul smell
  • Accumulation of debris 
  • Dust of ducts is making its way into house 
  • If airflow is not consistent in all rooms 

Regularly check your air ducts so you can know when they need cleaning. 

Tools for the duct cleaning process 

Here are a few tools you need to keep handy while cleaning ducts:

  1. Rigid gloves
  2. Eye goggles 
  3. Dust mask
  4. Screwdriver 
  5. Rags or paper towel 
  6. Vacuum 
  7. Stiff bristle brush

Tips for duct cleaning:

By following the given DIY tips, you can easily clean your ducts. 

1- Break contaminants 

For professional results while cleaning ducts, you need to find the main source of contamination. Removing the source will allow you to keep your ducts clean for a longer period of time. You have to break the contaminants using a brush or vacuum. 

2- Contaminant removal 

While cleaning ducts, make sure to maintain negative pressure in the system. It will help stop the spread of contaminants. Maintaining negative pressure will remove even the finest particles from the system. Thus, when you restart the system there will be no contaminants in the air. 

3- Remove mold 

Moisture causes development of mold in the duct system. If mold accumulates in ducts it will create an unhealthy indoor environment. Mold spores will spread in the house and may cause health issues for you or your pets. 

Mold may appear on hard surfaces of ducts and sometimes, removing molds can be tough and changing ducts may be the only solution you have.

4- Open clogs

Rodents, insects and debris are the major cause of clogs in air ducts. If there is a lot of debris in air ducts, you will notice some particles in the air as well. You can use a brush to remove debris and dead insects. If there is an infestation of rodents you may need some extra help from duct cleaning professionals. 

5- Get an estimation for duct cleaning

The duct system is usually expensive if it is spread throughout the building. The reason for that is it may be difficult to access all ducts. Thus, it is usually recommended to hire duct cleaning experts. Through WeServe, professional duct cleaning services can be requested from nearby specialists and they can manage to supervise the entire process and assure your ducts are perfectly clean.

Bonus tricks to know about:

  • Vacuum: Use a vacuum for cleaning an intake vent. It will help remove all the dirt and dust quickly.
  • Wiping: It is better to remove the intake vent of your duct system. You can easily wipe down the sides using a wet rag. It will remove all grime on the interior side.
  • Cleaning: Make sure to clean the vent blades. Use a butter knife and wrap it in a cloth then use it to clean blades and remove all the debris which are often hard to reach. 

Hire professionals for a proper cleaning 

You can easily manage duct cleaning if your case is about dust and debris. However, if there are insects, rodent infestations, or accumulation of mold, it is better to hire experts for the process. WeServe can connect you with nearby professionals and experts that are equipped with the latest tools. Using a blowing drying technique, they will quickly clean and maintain your ducts. 

Experts will make sure to remove any signs of dirt, debris, or mold in the ducts. So instead of attempting duct cleaning yourself, it is better to hire a professional through WeServe for a proper and professional clean. Don’t forget that cleaning your ducts in the wrong way can damage the system which may result in a more expensive solution. Deep cleaning by a professional will keep ducts clean for a longer period of time at an affordable rate. Get your ducts examined and cleaned through WeServe today!